Desert Pines WR Randal Grimes was surprised by an offer from BYU but is intrigued and will visit Provo this weekend

The BYU Cougars recently extended an offer to Desert Pines High School outside linebacker Tony Fields II. However, Fields II isn’t the only prospect to have received a coveted BYU offer from Desert Pines. BYU’s staff is also looking to garner the services of Fields’ teammate, Randal Grimes, who is an outstanding offensive prospect from The Silver State.

Coming in at 6-4, 205-pounds, Randal Grimes (class of 2017) recently received a scholarship offer, which came as a surprise to him, from the BYU Cougars.

“When I first received the offer from BYU, I was very excited,” said Grimes. “It made me feel good knowing that a school like BYU offered me. I didn’t even know that BYU was interested in me. I spoke with the head coach and he said he was going to give me the offer. At first I didn’t even know who it was.”

Receiving the offer from BYU head coach Kalani Sitake made Grimes’ day. He had no idea that BYU was even interested in his services.

“Honestly, it was the best feeling I had in a long time,” said Grimes. “I didn’t even know they were calling about me. They were speaking with my coaches the whole time. When I finally found out it was a really good feeling. It was really surprising and I was excited about that.”

During his sophomore year, Grimes played defensive back at a different high school, which didn’t pass very much. He transferred to Desert Pines where the coaches brought his talents to bear.

“Well, my sophomore year I was at a different school,” Grimes said. “I was at Sierra Vista High School. Over there we ran an offense that didn’t even require a receiver. We ran the triple offense that Army and Navy run, so when I was there I played mostly defensive back. I had 59 tackles, six interceptions, and around four touchdowns.

“This year (2015) at Desert Pines High School I moved over to receiver. I had over 1,000 yards on the season. I played a little bit of quarterback. I think I had around 15 touchdowns on the season and have to give it up to my blockers for helping me on that.”

To date Grimes has nine scholarship offers from various schools throughout the western United States.

“I have nine offers right now,” said Grimes. “I have UNLV, Southern Utah, Oregon State, Washington State, USC, BYU, San Diego State, Colorado State, and Hawaii.”

Grimes has been taking a few unofficial visits to different colleges to gain a better understanding of the options he has available. BYU happens to be one of the schools Grimes will visit with his high school teammate Tony Fields II. They will be on campus later tonight and spend Saturday checking out BYU.

“Well, I’m going to go on a couple of visits within a month or so,” said Grimes. “I need to check them out and I’m going to go out there with my teammate Tony [Fields III]. I’ve never been a BYU fan and so I want to go check out the school. I’ve seen them play a few times on T.V. I’m going to head out there and see what’s out there.”

Despite not having grown up a BYU fan, Grimes has heard great things about BYU. One person who told him what BYU has to offer is the father of fellow Desert Pines High School teammate Tony Fields II. On their way home from visiting USC, Tony Fields, who played at BYU from 1997-98, told Grimes about all the great things the Provo campus has to offer.

“Yeah, his dad was talking about BYU when we were heading back from USC,” said Grimes. “He said BYU is a really nice school, a very well coached team, a very friendly place to be, and a beautiful campus. He did tell us it was very strict up there and so you have to be on your best behavior.”

Grimes and Tony Fields II are close friends and have spoken about playing together at the same college.

“We had a lot of conversations about that,” said Grimes. “We want to play with each other. He was my backup receiver whenever I needed a breather, so we like playing together a lot. We want to agree on going to the same college together.”

When it comes to behavior, BYU doesn’t simply recruit student-athletes. Being able to live a higher moral standard than what’s expected on most campuses across the country is required. So, what is it about Grimes that has allowed him to pass the recruiting standards of BYU?

“Well, I’m very outgoing and I like to talk to people,” said Grimes. “I surround myself with the right kind of people and try and do the right things. I always help people around campus and things like that. I believe in God a lot so everything that is happening to me I look at it as being a blessing from God. I’m grateful for everything that’s been given to me.”

To know that the staff of BYU has found him worthy of a scholarship offer is quite the compliment to Grimes knowing the recruiting standards are higher than most colleges.

“It makes me feel good, honestly,” said Grimes. “It makes me feel like I’m a good person to get an offer from BYU. It’s quite the compliment and it’s a good feeling.”

Being a wide receiver, what also makes Grimes happy is the fact that the modern day passing offense was revolutionized at BYU.

“BYU seems like a big opportunity and their program’s tradition seems amazing,” said Grimes. “It makes me want to be a part of that. I’m excited to get down there and learn more about the school and program.”

While Grimes is still learning what he BYU scholarship entails, one side note he does know about BYU is the outstanding business program BYU has on campus. Being someone who wants to study business, this is good news.

“When football ends for me I want to start my own business,” said Grimes. “I want to go into business management, so when I go to college that’s what I want to study. My coaches have told me that BYU has a great business program, so I’m excited to go over there and check things out for myself.”

Grimes will be on his visit to BYU with Tony Fields II as well as teammates Isaiah Morris (RB) & Marckell Grayson (QB). Total Blue Sports will follow up and see how their visits went.

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