BYU has offered a scholarship to a freshman linebacker prospect in Georgia who claims over 30 offers already in recruiting

BYU is casting their net far and wide in an effort to bring in student-athletes with character into the program. The efforts of the BYU recruiting staff has landed in the south where they’ve identified a prospect who they believe fits BYU’s unique recruiting standards.

There is a talented linebacker from the Peach State with a whopping 32 current offers on the table. Just to give you an idea, teams like Alabama, Auburn, Boston College, Cal, Clemson, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Miami, Michigan, Nebraska, Penn State, TCU, Texas, Missouri, LSU, and Oregon have offered Grayson High School (Loganville, GA) freshman Owen Pappoe


“I have 32 offers,” Pappoe said. “BYU [was] my 31st offer and Georgia Tech was my 32nd offer. It was cool to get that offer.”

What is even more amazing is that Pappoe has racked up this many offers and he is only a freshman.
“Yeah, I’m only a freshman,” he said. “I had 11 offers in the eighth grade. We didn’t even know that colleges could offer that early.”

Who has ever heard of an eighth grader receiving 11 division one scholarship offers? What’s his mother feeding him?

“Rice!” Pappoe quickly exclaimed with a chuckle.

Although Pappoe still has three years of prep football to play, there are three things that will play a factor in where he’ll decide to play.

“I want to go to a school that has a great academic program and a school that has my major, whatever that will happen to be,” said Pappoe. “I’m not sure what my major is right now because I’m still a freshman in high school, so I’m still trying to figure that out. Defensive-wise I want to go to a school where the defensive scheme fits me. I also want to go to a winning program.”

With so many prestigious scholarship offers on the table, what went through his mind when he receive a BYU offer?

“Well I was offered by BYU and that was a surprise to me,” said Pappoe with a chuckle in his voice. “I’m getting offers all the way out there in the west now and it’s crazy. I’m all the way down here in the south getting attention out there. I never thought that would happen. It’s been a crazy experience.”

When Pappoe received his BYU offer, he didn’t even know he was being recruited out west by the private university located at the base of the Wasatch Mountains.

“It was just crazy because I didn’t really know that schools out west were recruiting me or really looking at me that hard,” Pappoe said. “I have some homework to do. I don’t know much about BYU.”

Pappoe’s personal formula for early success has come via a lot of hard work. He credits his early success to simply doing things right, both on and off the field.

“I just make sure I go hard all the time both on and off the field,” Pappoe said. “I just try and go hard in the weight room and do well in the class room. I just try my best on the field to always give it 100 percent.

“Last season I just played the linebacker position and I think next season they might put me at running back as well. What I do well is I’m a really good run stopper. In the passing game, I’m really good in pass coverage and just a dominant force on the field. I had 104 tackles, 21 tackles for a loss, one interception for a touchdown, three fumble recoveries, two forced fumbles, eight pass deflections, and six quarterback hurries."

Those are some outstanding statistics for a young man just in his freshman season of high school. BYU’s nuique standards require them to look at the character of the prospect. Most college programs simply care about how many touchdowns or tackles one can make, and if their grades clear the NCAA Clearinghouse then an offer will be extended. Since BYU is a private college which includes standards as part of its admittance requirements, the coaches must delves a little deeper into a prospects character.

“Well, I’m an usher in my church every Sunday,” Pappoe said. “I go to church and help out all the time. I also go downtown and feed the homeless with my team. That’s something we do. I just make sure that I hang out with the right crowd and don’t get into trouble. I try and do my best off the field too.”

His personal piety, along with his on the field and classroom results, would explain why BYU would extend an offer to a freshman in Georgia with 32 scholarship offers dubbed “The Freak.” Congratulations to Owen Pappoe on receiving his BYU offer.

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