Max Hall commits to Arizona State

Max Hall, a highly touted 6-1, 180-pound LDS quarterback prospect from Arizona, has decided to follow family tradition and committed to Arizona State earlier this week.

"It was a tough decision, but I grew up an ASU fan and I've always thought that I'd play there. It's just where I always thought I'd play. I mean my father played there, my grandfather played their and now I get the chance. That's just hard to pass up."

Hall said BYU was definitely in the mix. "I went to BYU's (summer) camp thinking that it would be nice to visit, but it seriously blew me away. I love the coaches there and I love the atmosphere, but I love the coaches at ASU as well."

Playing in the PAC-10 also factored heavily into Hall's final decision. "I've always wanted to play in the PAC-10. Playing in a top conference, such as the PAC-10, along with following in the footsteps of my father and grandfather is probably what gave them the edge and what ultimately won out."

Hall said he has definite mission plans. "I will definitely serve a mission. Coach Koetter knows of these plans and is willing to work with them. I don't turn 19 until two years after I graduate, so I'll be playing at least one year before leaving. I don't know if I'll leave after my first year of what, we'll just have to wait and see how it works out. But I definitely plan on serving a mission."


* Scott Jackson - Back (non-football related). Expected to return as early as Monday.

* Justin Jory - Hand (surgery). Expected to return 10-12 days.

* Manaia Brown - Shoulder day-to-day (re-evaluate Saturday).

* K.C. Bills - Hamstring. Expected to return as early as Monday.

* Aaron Francisco - Foot (surgery). Expected to return 10-12 days.

* Shaun Nua - Knee (sprain). Expected to return as early as Monday.

* Lance Pendleton - Knee (scope) Expected to return 10-12 days.

* Chris Warner - Hamstring. Day-to-day.


* Ofa Mohetau - Foot. Day-to-day (re-evaluate Saturday).

* Lawrence Cowan - Knee (sprain). Day-to-day (waiting for brace).

* Thomas Stancil - Hip flexor. Day-to-day.

Head coach Gary Crowton said today, "We're a little banged up, but really nothing major. We've been practicing hard, real physical, so some guys are going to get a little banged up, especially some of the bigger guys who are hitting and getting hit along the line. By Monday, we should have a lot of guys back."

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