BYU extended an offer to Palm Springs, CA athlete Damion Lee, becoming the first FBS offer for the speedy prospect

The BYU Cougars have extended a scholarship offer to a track athlete who is also an outstanding football prospect. Damion Lee received his first scholarship offer from BYU and that has him excited to learn more about the Cougars football program.

BYU’s recruiting staff and coaches are hard at work identifying the best talent out there in an effort to bring the best talent into their program. That effort has led to Palm Springs (CA) athlete Damion Lee receiving his first division one offer.

“I got my first offer from BYU [last week], so I’m doing really good,” said Lee. “It feels really good getting that first one. All that hard work paid off. What went through my mind was how much of a relief it was to get that offer. I was like, ‘Finally! I finally got one.’ I had been getting general letters from other colleges about camps and stuff like that. Then when you finally get that first one it was like, ‘Dang, there it is.’”

The offer from the BYU Cougars has come as a surprise to Lee who admits he has to learn more about what the university has to offer.  

“I don’t know much about BYU, so I have some homework to do,” said Lee. “I have to do to learn more about the college and what it has to offer. I just got the offer, so I need do that to know more about that the offer holds for me.”

Despite not knowing exactly what his BYU scholarship has to offer, he is excited he’s the offer.

“Oh yeah, I’m really excited about getting my first offer from BYU,” said Lee. “It’s a big relief for me and just means I need to keep working hard so more can come. I got that first one and it feels good.”

Living in Palm Springs, California, Lee was informed by his high school football coach that BYU would be making a visit. The results of that visit led to Lee being offered by BYU.

“My football coach told me they were going to come down and see me because they heard about my 100-meter times,” said Lee. “They would like to see me so they came down during my general meeting. They said they wanted to recruit me as a corner. Later that day I talked to them on the phone and that’s when they offered me.”

A part of the 2017 recruiting class, Lee has played many positions on the football field. When one combines his football skills with his track speed it’s easy to see why the Cougar coaching staff extended an offer.

“I’m 6-1, 175 and originally play d-end and a little of receiver and linebacker too,” said Lee. “I also run track as well and the fastest I ran the 100-meters is in 10.71 [seconds].”

A 10.71 100-meters (a Palm Springs school record) is really good for a high school junior. Lee hopes to bring that 100-meter time down as he continues to hone his athletic skills.

“I’m trying to bring my 10.71 time down and think I can do it,” said Lee. “I think I can get that down under 10.7 and in the 10.6 area. That’s what I’m working towards.”

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