BYU became the 18th offer for Inderkum HS athlete Trajon Cotton and he's intrigued with the Cougars

The BYU coaching staff has been heavily recruiting the state of California over the past two weeks and have ventured to the Sacramento area, where an offer has recently been extended. Trajon Cotton received a surprise offer from BYU after speaking with BYU position coach Steve Clark.

Last Friday, BYU tight ends coach Steve Clark visited Inderkum High School (Sacramento, CA) to further evaluate the second rated safety in the state of California in Trajon Cotton. Not long after that visit he received a scholarship offer.

“I was very surprised I got that BYU offer,” said Cotton. “A coach from BYU came by late last week and he likes me a lot. On my way home from a tournament from Los Angeles I spoke to him on the phone and he gave me the good news. I was fired up about it. I was just thinking, ‘Wow! It really happened and they really offered me.'”

Cotton is no stranger to the offer experience. In fact the scholarship from BYU marks his 18th offer to date. Still he was grateful for the BYU scholarship offered to him by Coach Clark.

“Steve Clark is the one that offered me the scholarship,” said Cotton. “He was like was, ‘I want you to play for us.’ I was like, ‘You gotta make it official first.’ That’s when he told me, ‘You have an offer from BYU.’ I was excited about that and thanked him.”

At 6-1, 185-pounds, Cotton is a versatile athlete who plays positions on both sides of the ball.

“I play quarterback and safety,” said Cotton. “I can also play cornerback too. BYU likes me at cornerback. I have amazing range and I’m not afraid to tackle at all. When I play the safety position I’m used to playing downhill, so playing a position like cornerback would be even easier because it would allow me to attack sooner. If the ball is in the air I don’t panic; I’m going to go get it because I look at it as mine. I had, I think, 49 tackles, two forced fumbles, five interceptions, and one pick six [in 2015].

“I’m also a vocal leader because I play quarterback. I look at myself as being a quarterback on both sides of the ball. I threw for 1,100 yard and 12 touchdowns. I also ran for eight touchdowns. I think I’m a good teammate and feel I can bring things to a program.”

Cotton is still in the process of educating himself on what a BYU scholarship could provide him. He did, however, check the Cougars 2016 schedule and was amazed at the number of quality programs that the Cougars are playing around the country.

“I know BYU is located in Utah and that they play a lot of great teams,” said Cotton. “They play a lot of great random teams and play anybody. I saw their schedule and they’re playing a lot of great teams around the country.”

With so many offers that include programs such as Cal, Colorado, Nebraska, Oregon, Oregon State, UCLA, and Washington State, among others, Cotton is going to try and take a few unofficial visits over the summer prior to taking his official visits this fall and winter.

“I’ll probably take a few unofficial visits in the summer to see the coaching staffs, environment, and the campuses and all that,” Cotton said. “I want to know as much as I can about my options. Then during my football season I’ll take some official visits and then make it official after that.”

When it comes to sifting through the many college options currently available to him, Cotton has a few ideas about what it is he’s looking to get out of his scholarship when making a final decision.

“I want to go somewhere where I can get a good degree at,” Cotton said. “I want to go somewhere that can help me get to the NFL. I want to go to a place that can help me become a better man. I’m looking for a place where there’s a family environment where after football I can come back to see my friends at BYU or whatever. I just want to have that good connection to the coaches and players.”

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