Saturday's practice was relatively light with the offense going against the defense in a red zone drill to finish up. All the quarterbacks took turns taking reps. They went with the full offense against the full defense at times, but most of it was seven-on-sevens.

BYU head coach Crowton said at the beginning of fall camp that Matt Berry would be the quarterback until someone beats him out and that it has to be "obvious."

After one week, Berry is still the clear leader. "Berry is still obviously the best guy after a week of practice, but the other guys are doing good. I like the progress there."

Berry showed why he is still the obvious No. 1 choice in the red zone drill that concluded practice yesterday. Berry threw consecutive touchdown passes to wide receiver David Christensen at the very back of the end zone and threaded the needle on an impressive short fly route to Chris Hale on another that went for a touchdown. He threw another underneath route to rising star tight end Daniel Coats that went for a five yard touchdown.

Meanwhile, the defense was not without its bright spots as the defensive rush was intense and frequent. Jon Burbidge, Jared Meibos and John Denney all recorded knockdowns of passes at the line of scrimmage. Brady Poppinga and Bill Wright both recorded sacks in the drill.

In comments after practice, Coach Crowton indicated that the option at BYU is not dead. "I think the speed option can be run without a traditional option quarterback. The quarterback just needs to get to the edge and cut it up or pitch it out. I'm not saying we're an option team, but I always think we'll carry the option. We discussed that as a staff and we feel Matt Berry can do it at times as he's done it in practice, but I really think John Beck is certainly a quarterback that can run it, so it will stay in there (the playbook.)"

He added the speed at running back will also help the option plays they call. The speed at running back will help with the option this year as well. "We have some speed guys at running back that can get around the edge fast, so that will help."

Asked whether he may use Beck in a similar fashion to how they used Pendleton last season, Crowton said, "Beck is a lot better passer than Pendleton was last year and he's shown that in camp, so I'm not sold on doing that again this season.

"I'm not about playing musical quarterbacks. Right now, I just want them to battle for the starting spot and we'll go from there. We need to find our starter, so he knows he's the starter. That's the goal right now. Right now that guy is Matt Berry."

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