BYU's offer to Tumwater HS prospect Cade Otton would have delighted his grandfather who passed away earlier this year

Cade Otton of Tumwater High School in Washington received an offer from a college that would have delighted his grandfather. A lifelong fan of BYU, Gary Waterstradt cheered for the BYU Cougars all of his life. A few months after Gary’s passing, his grandson, Cade Otton, received an offer from BYU.

Coming in at 6-5, 220-pounds, Cade Otton plays tight end for Tumwater High School located in the state of Washington. He just received the offer from BYU offensive coordinator Ty Detmer and he couldn’t be happier about it.

“I’m really excited about it and very grateful,” Cade stated. “This is a huge offer for me. BYU is my ninth offer so far. I have offers from Eastern Washington, Nebraska, Idaho, Wyoming, Hawaii, Nevada, Yale, Harvard, and now one from BYU.”

One reason why an offer from BYU is a big deal to Cade Otton happens to be because of his grandfather, Gary Waterstradt, who was a lifelong BYU Cougars fan.

“My grandpa was a huge BYU fan,” said Otton. “He went to BYU when he was in college. He’s always been a huge fan, so for me to get that scholarship from BYU was really cool for me. I know he would have been really happy about that.”

As a lifelong BYU fan, Gary Waterstradt cheered the Cougars on every season. Unfortunately after hard-fought battle with cancer, Gary Waterstradt passed away on January 20th, 2016. He never experienced what would have been a glorious time for him seeing his grandson Cade Otton receive an offer from the college football program he so dearly loved.

“I know he’s really excited where he’s at now about me getting a BYU offer,” said Cade Otton in a solemn voice. “I know he’s happy for me. It’s a huge honor for me and I really appreciate it. I just know he’s a happy man and smiling down on me.”

BYU offensive line coach, Mike Empey, stopped by Tumwater High School on a visit to the Pacific Northwest while recruiting and met with Cade

“Coach Empey, the offensive line coach, came to our school to talk to me and my head coach, [Sid Otton], who is also my grandpa,” said Otton. “He came and talked with me for a little bit and he’s a really cool guy. He gave me the rundown about BYU and we talked for a while.

“After I finished out the school day he called me and we talked a little more. He told me that an offer might be coming. After that phone call he messaged me and told me, ‘Coach Detmer would like to talk with you.’ I was like, ‘Holy cow! Ty Detmer wants to talk to me?!’ I was really nervous. Coach Detmer talked with me and he offered me a scholarship. I couldn’t have been more honored and thankful.”

BYU’s recruiting and Ty Detmer’s comments indicate that BYU is looking to build up an offense with the tight end as a feature position for the Cougars. BYU already has two LDS tight ends committed for the class of 2017 and they’re not done yet. The staff wants tight ends to come in and be a part of the program right out of high school.

“Coach Detmer said he was going to offer me and told me what they wanted to potentially do with me there,” said Otton. “He told me how they’re trying to implement the tight end position there and how it’s been missing from the offense for quite a while.”

Otton has heard of Ty Detmer and the legacy he left on college football. He’s seen the ESPN specials and various clips featuring BYU’s Heisman Trophy winner, so to get a call from someone like him a little nervous at first.

“That’s a guy who won the Heisman Trophy as a quarterback at BYU,” said Otton. “He was a really down to earth kind of guy and was really cool. At first I was kind of nervous. I would say I was a bit starstruck talking to him.”

Coach Detmer quickly put Otton at ease and the two had a great conversation getting to know one another. To have received an offer from Coach Detmer to a university his grandfather dearly loved was a special moment for Cade Otton.

“Obviously BYU has been a really prestigious program for a long time,” said Otton. “To think of all the great BYU players that have gone through that university and now to have an offer from them is an honor. My grandpa was a huge fan of BYU so that just makes it even more special. When I got the message that Coach Detmer really wanted to talk to me I thought, ‘Wow, this is really happening!’ It was really cool.

“I know BYU is a great football program and a great school. I know that BYU is a Mormon school owned by the Mormon church. My grandma and grandpa are Mormon so they’re really excited about me being offered by them. I know they have a great tradition there and I’m excited about learning more of what BYU has to offer.”

Otton is also an outstanding linebacker at Tumwater, where he puts his physical abilities to good use. The same physical abilities he directs towards his opponents he uses on the offensive side of the ball as well.

“As a tight end I bring a physical nature to the position because I’ve played a lot of linebacker on defense,” said Otton. “I play tight end more like a defensive player so I really get after guys out on the field. With my size, quarterbacks are able to get the ball out to me really well. I’m also working on getting bigger, stronger, and faster this summer while growing into my body.”

Otton wants to get the most out of his scholarship, so he’ll take a methodical look at his options prior to making a final decision.

“I definitely want to get a first class education,” said Otton. “I also want to have a great college experience as far as what I’m looking for. I want to feel at home where I go to college, but I’m going to take my time with my decision. I’m really grateful and honored with the offer that I’ve been given,” said Otton. “I’m going to definitely learn more about the university and look forward to the future.”

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