BYU has extended an offer to Tulare, CA athlete Emoryie Edwards. It was his first offer from an FBS program

Tulare Union High School athlete Emoryie Edwards recounted to Total Blue Sports his experience of receiving his first offer from BYU. BYU tight ends coach Steve Clark had recently been out to the Central Valley area of California searching high and low for prospects he deemed to be a BYU fit. In Emoryie Edwards, he believes he found one.

Tulare, California is a small town located about eight miles south of Visalia, California on the outskirts of the Sequoia National Park. Tulare has a population of just under 60,000 people and is nestled among rich orchard groves, farms, and high yielding dairy processing plants. Here is where BYU tight ends coach Steve Clark found a sophomore prospect in Emoryie Edwards and extended him a scholarship offer to attend BYU.

“I was talking to BYU’s tight ends coach, Coach Clark,” said Emoryie Edwards. “He was watching my film and said he liked it. He asked me what my grades were like and I told him I was a straight A student. He went and looked at my transcripts and saw that I was a good student. After that he offered me.  

“It was really educational when I spoke to him and he just talked a lot about the school. He put me on track about how things are. He told me about the school and about the football program. He told me about what it takes to succeed and thrive and to continue to work hard. After that he offered me. It’s overwhelming and it’s kind of hard to believe. This is my first scholarship offer and it’s really exciting for me. Christmas definitely came early I can tell you that!”

Now that he has been given the present of a scholarship offer from BYU, Edwards feels he needs to unwrap it to fully understand what’s been given to him. That means he has a little research to do in order to know what a BYU scholarship truly means.

“I have some homework to do and need to learn more about BYU,” said Edwards. “I know BYU is a Mormon school but I don’t know much about BYU. I know they have a really good schedule next year, but I need to learn more about the school to fully understand what my options are there.”

Now that Edwards has his first offer he feels like a weight has been lifted from his shoulders.

“I feel relieved because that was my first offer,” Edwards said. “I feel like a weight is now off my shoulders and I can relax knowing I have my first offer. I’m very relieved. I just need to keep working hard and I’m sure more will come.”

Edwards had no idea how long BYU had been looking at him, and, quite honestly, he doesn’t really care. All that he cares about is the fact that he’s received his first offer from a major division one program like BYU.

“Well, the offer was a surprise but I knew he was going to be there that day,” said Edwards. “I’m not sure how long they’ve been looking at me, and I wasn’t expecting to receive an offer from them that day. I was just told they were going to keep on watching me and keep an eye on me, so when he extended the offer it was a surprise for me. It was overwhelming for me, it really was.”

Coming in at 6-0, 190-pounds, Edwards has a wide array of skill-sets that allow him to play on both sides of the ball.

“On offense I play wide receiver and a little bit of slot, and on defense I play safety and linebacker,” said Edwards. “On the offensive side of the ball my route running is a big key to my success. I have pretty good hands and catch everything that pretty much comes my way. On defense I’m a leader and I’m physical.”

BYU hasn’t expressed to him yet which side of the ball they would like to see him play if he chooses to sign with the Cougars.

“Right after class I called my mom,” said Edwards. “She didn’t believe me at first and said she was going to come pick me up from school so I could tell her in person. I was able to finally convince her and she was excited!”

Thinking her son was pulling her leg, an excited mother threatened to call the police on him in order to scare her son into telling the truth.

“She was all excited. Then she said she was going to call the cops on me and tell everyone that I hadn’t been offered,” said Edwards with a laugh in his voice. “She thought I was lying to her, but then after she knew I wasn’t joking she was really proud of me.”

Edwards added an offer from the Washington State Cougars not long after his offer from BYU came in. Total Blue Sports will keep you up to date with the latest on Edwards and BYU recruiting.

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