BYU has offered Claremont (CA) linebacker Solomon Tuliaupupu. He's familiar with the school and hopes to make a visit soon

Kalani Sitake and his ever-diligent recruiting staff have identified a prospect who meets all three areas of BYU’s stringent recruiting requirements: academics, football talents, and high character. Solomon Tuliaupupu, a linebacker out of Claremont High School in California has passed all three qualifications and has received a BYU offer.

His roots hails from the Samoan island of Savai’i but currently his family lives in the Inland Empire of Southern California. Solomon Tuliaupupu received his second scholarship offer from the BYU Cougars. It’s a scholarship he’s excited about.

“Yes sir, I’m excited about my offer from BYU,” said Tuliaupupu. “I’m excited because that’s where my grandparents stay actually. I actually used to go to a LDS church so it would be cool over there at BYU. The offer from BYU means a lot to me. I met one of their coaches, Coach Gilford. He gave me that look and looked into my eye the whole time. I feel good about that offer.”

During a weight room session at Claremont High School, Solomon Tuliaupupu was told to call a coach at BYU. When he did, he received the surprising news that he was indeed receiving an offer.

“Well, it was when we were in the weight room, and my coach told me to call this coach from BYU,” said Tuliaupupu. “I called [Tevita Ofahengaue] and he gave me the rundown of BYU and what it takes to be a Cougar. At the end of the conversation he just told me he wanted to offer me a full ride to play ball over there.”

Having played his prep ball at Kahuku High School, college ball at BYU, and in the NFL with the Cardinals, BYU’s Director of Recruiting Operations, Tevita Ofahengaue, is well established when it comes to scouting and evaluating football talent.

“He just said that I have what it takes to be a good linebacker,” said Tuliaupupu. “He said that I have good instincts and said I knew how to play the game. I know the LDS lifestyle, so the offer from BYU is a good one for me. You have to be a good person and you can’t be a bad person off the field and all that stuff.”

At 6-3, 215 pounds, Tuliaupupu is a member of the class of 2018. He considers himself a versatile linebacker who can play both inside and outside linebacker and does it with speed and physicality.

“I like to fill holes and I like to come up and hit people,” said Tuliaupupu. “I don’t shy away from contact and will come up and hit guys my hardest. I can play everywhere. I’ve been working on my coverage game. I can play on the outside and inside and can lock down the holes by reading the running back or quarterback.”

Having grown up LDS on the northshore of Hawaii, and played tight end at BYU under legendary head coach LaVell Edwards, Tevita Ofahengaue also understands that character evaluation of a potential prospect is vital part of the standards of BYU’s football program. This is an aspect of BYU that Tuliaupupu fully understands and was humbled to know that the coaches of BYU viewed him with such character.

“Well, what the offer from BYU means is they think I have good character,” said Tuliaupupu. “It really means a lot to me that they think of me this way. I have to keep proving that to them both on and off the field, so I have to try and be that good example and prove to them that I’m worthy of that scholarship.”

As of now Tuliaupupu has tentative plans on visiting BYU over the summer.

“Yeah, I can visit in the summer and they want me to come down and meet all the coaches,” Tuliaupupu said. “They want me to come see the campus and see how it is over there and feel the vibe.”

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