2019 Spanish Fork linebacker prospect Mase Funa only holds 2 offers currently but feels he may have found the place for him for college

While visiting BYU with his older brother Solofa Funa who was taking his official visit earlier this year, Mase Funa received exciting news from BYU’s head coach Kalani Sitake that he had been offered. It was news Mase Funa wasn’t sure was real or not. However, Coach Sitake later confirmed it was.

2019 class linebacker prospect Mase Funa recounted to TBS when he received his first D1 scholarship. He was with his older brother, Solofa Funa, who had committed to the BYU Cougars and was taking an official visit back in January.

“Yes I was offered by BYU and I’m excited about it,” said Funa. “It first started with me going with my brother on his official visit to BYU for all the seniors. When I spoke to Coach Sitake I learned that we all grew up in the same ward, my family and his. When he first spoke with me he said that he saw my highlight film and told me that I would be a great help to the team. That’s when he offered me.”

However, Funa didn’t grasp the magnitude of what had just occurred.

“This happened in person by Coach Sitake, but then I guess I didn’t realize this was an actual offer,” said Funa. “I don’t know what I was thinking when he offered me.”

The offer from Coach Sitake was reaffirmed later to Mase Funa by a Spanish Fork High School coach.

“After I got offered by Utah [Coach Sitake] called up one of my coaches,” said Funa. “My coach figured that I didn’t really know I had been offered, so Coach Sitake asked him to have me call him so I did. That’s when he told me that what he said was true. I had received the offer when I visited BYU with my brother.”

The 6-1, 203-pound prospect played strong side linebacker for Spanish Fork last year as a high school freshman. He puts in double time for the Dons and played on the offensive side of the ball as well. Last season Funa turned in meager offensive numbers on the varsity team recording two receptions for 38 yards. He also scored three touchdowns as well.

However, it’s the defensive side of the ball where Funa is being looked at to play at the college level.

“I play outside linebacker, strong side,” said Funa. “My coach thought it would be a good fit for me because of my size and it actually worked out well this past season. I was able to put pressure on the QB getting around the offensive tackles and tight ends.”

Mase Funa has always liked the Oregon Ducks football program. When he was younger he wanted to play football there. However, now that he’s a little older his tune on where he wants to play football has changed.

“Growing up I’ve always wanted to go to Oregon,” said Funa. “Ever since my older brother got offered and decided to go to BYU, I’ve always wanted to go to BYU too. I think it would be a great school for me to go to, and not only that my brother will be going there. I grew up in the LDS church and it would be a way for me to stay close to my church standards.”

When asked if he wanted to follow in his older brother’s footsteps by serving a mission, Mase Funa quickly replied, “Yes sir!” Solofa Funa should be getting his mission call next week.

“He’s really excited about his mission,” Funa said. “He should be getting his mission call next week.”

While Solofa Funa signed to play at BYU, his talented younger brother Mase Funa now also has the chance to do the same. Mase Funa told TotalBlueSports.com that he plans on committing to BYU either this week or next week.

“I was really excited,” said Funa. “I changed my mind about wanting to going to a different college. I want to go to BYU now, and talking with Coach Sitake who made me feel great. When he told me that the offer still stands I was really excited this time. I told him that I talked to my parents and my older brother, and I should decide to commit there within this week or next week.”

This is exciting news for BYU fans. The Spanish Fork freshman is a rising star in the state of Utah. He recorded three pick-sixes out of five interceptions his freshman year playing outside linebacker. He also recorded three sacks and 41 tackles. He currently has two D1 college offers in BYU and Utah but could be choosing BYU here soon.

“Growing up in the church, BYU is one school that has strict standards,” Funa said. “That’s one reason why.”

Stay tuned BYU fans. There could be a commitment coming for BYU and Kalani Sitake in the near future.

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