Antioch HS CB/WR prospect Isaiah Dunn recently received an offer from BYU and the honor code is a big attraction for him

BYU has extended an offer to Antioch High School cornerback Isaiah Dunn. A track athlete, Dunn possesses both the size and speed to be a lockdown cornerback at the next level. He says his offer from BYU is a big one for a few reasons, one of which is BYU’s honor code.

Hailing from the Bay Area, Isaiah Dunn is a lockdown cornerback from Antioch High School (Antioch, CA). Recently he received an offer from the BYU Cougars, which he values highly.

“That was pretty big and I was pretty excited when I got that offer from BYU,” said Dunn. “Knowing that they’re an independent school and can play anyone in the nation is big time football.”

It’s becoming more and more common hearing recruits having received an offer from BYU as being “big.” Much of that is due to the reputation of the university both academically and as a football program. Dunn saw the schedule BYU plays next season after he drove just under an hour to attend BYU’s Fan Fest that they held in Pleasanton, CA recently.

“I did check out BYU schedule,” said Dunn. “They had a Fan Fest thing out here in Pleasanton and so we went out there to check it out. The defensive coordinator showed us the schedule when I was out there checking things out. They have a pretty good schedule this year. BYU is big time and they play everyone.”

Isaiah enjoyed his time taking part in some of the activities and meeting the BYU coaches and players. He also learned more about BYU’s honor code, which he really took to.

“Yeah, it was pretty cool and there were a lot of people out there,” said Dunn. “They had a lot of games and a bunch of activities for the little kids. [About] half the coaching staff was there and that was pretty good. I got to meet pretty much all of them and got to meet the [defensive coordinator], Coach Tuiaki, as well. What I like about that school is how they have rules that they’ve set. Rules like no partying and drinking, drugs, and doing bad things.”

What did Dunn think of BYU’s new defensive coordinator Ilaisa Tuiaki? Well, he really enjoyed the short time he spent with him.

“I liked how welcoming he was,” Dunn said. “I like how friendly he was and just how he made you feel at home. I like that coaching staff a lot because I’ve taken visits to schools and it’s pretty interesting to me to see how different coaching staffs act differently to recruits. I liked how Coach Tuiaki was really open and welcoming and we were really having a good conversation. I like how we were conversing on things other than just football. We were talking about a lot of different things. I also really like how he has a really good grasp on the defensive side of things. I like that.”

And what about the honor code BYU demands of their students? That can be an impediment for some prospects, but for Dunn the honor code is actually something that attracts him to BYU.

“I do like the honor code because it will help me not to get knocked off from being focused,” said Dunn. “It will help me keep on track and stay focused rather than being unforced on staying straight with school and football. It just makes it to where you don’t have any distractions and I like that.”

Although he’s not a member of the LDS faith, Dunn views the honor code much like that of his own personal code that he currently lives by.

“I play at Antioch now and transferred over from Freedom High School,” said Dunn. “It’s a whole different environment over here than at Freedom. I try to stay with people who are more like me rather than go around and get into trouble. I try to stay away from things like that. I grew up around people from Brentwood and being out here at Antioch it’s a little more different. I’m not going to lie. Antioch is, now should I say, a little more ghetto, so I try to keep myself more focused and try to stay away from bad people of influence and it’s a good thing for me.”

BYU was going to offer Dunn a day prior to him visiting the Fan Fest. The offer took a little longer than expected. However, after he left the Fan Fest activities, he received a phone call letting him know that he had received the offer.

“I was actually talking to Coach Tuiaki and he wanted to offer me on a Thursday, but they didn’t because they had to look at my transcripts and stuff. Then Friday came and I didn’t talk to them but Friday night came and I talked to them and they wanted me to come down for the Fan Fest. I went down to the Fan Fest and I was pretty excited to meet them. They were really interested in my track times. I ran a 10.9 in the 100 meters and a 21.91 in the 200 meters. I then went and saw Coach Tuiaki and we started chatting it up. Later when I got home Coach Gilford called me and he’s the one that offered me.”

A 6-0, 175-pound member of the recruiting class of 2017, Dunn plays cornerback and wide receiver for Antioch High School.

“I play cornerback and wide receiver,” Dunn said. “At my school we play a lot of man with no safety help over the top. It’s challenging but at the same time it’s a lot of fun at the same time. It really lets you know how good you knowing you have no help. It makes me better knowing that.

“I’m 6-0, 175-pounds and I’m in the class of 2017. I’m very confident in my abilities that I can make plays on my side of the field. I’m very confident. I don’t really talk much on the field but I can show you with my playing skills how I can play. I let my play do the talking. I don’t talk much, I just do it.”

He plans on visiting BYU this summer and attend one of BYU’s summer camps so he can further check out the campus, facilities, and get to know BYU’s coaching staff a little better.

“Yes, I’m definitely planning on that actually,” Dunn said. “I plan on visiting BYU and I like to travel. I’ve never been out to Utah actually, so I’d like to go out there and check things out.”

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