Arizona two-way prospect Donovan Hanna decided BYU is where he would like to play his college football with his commitment today

In the midst of their first week of on-campus summer camps, BYU received a flurry of commitments today. One is from Arizona athlete Donovan Hanna, who, after visiting BYU for the first time this week, felt Provo was the place for him.

The reasons for committing to BYU were simple for 6-5, 225-pound, two-way prospect Donovan Hanna. He’s had an offer now for about a month, and after visiting Provo to check out the Cougar’s summer camp this week, he decided to make it official.

“This was the first time that I’ve ever been to BYU or to Provo,” said Hanna. “I love it up here and the weather is a lot different up here than back home in Arizona. It’s beautiful up here and something just feels a little different out here on BYU’s campus than on any other campus.

“The reason why I committed today is because I’m LDS and I’ve always grown up [admiring] BYU my whole life. BYU has the type of players that go out and serve missions then come back and play football for them. That’s always been a little dream of mine, and since BYU offered me I’ve had the opportunity that I could do that now.”

Earlier today BYU head coach Kalani Sitake called Hanna into his office where the two had a little chat. After a brief moment of finding out how Hanna liked it in Provo, Coach Sitake received the news.

“He called me into a meeting and talked to me for a little bit about BYU,” Hanna said. “He talked about what BYU stands for and asked me how I felt about BYU. I told him, ‘After touring the campus and attending camp that it definitely was the right place for me. I told him that I’ll be playing football here and committed to him.’”

Upon hearing the news from Hanna that he was committing, Coach Sitake jumped out of his chair with excitement.

“He was super excited and jumped up off his chair,” said Hanna with a laugh in his voice. “He jumped up and got a nice little vertical off the chair and said, ‘Welcome to the family!’”

Former BYU quarterback Max Hall is the current offensive coordinator for American Leadership Academy in Arizona where Donovan Hanna plays. Hall had nothing but glowing remarks to say about his young prodigy.

“He’s got great top end speed and great feet,” said Hall. “He’s gotten better with confidence and will only get better as time goes. He’s a kid with a lot of upside to his game and ability. He’s the type of athlete that has the skillset to play both ways at this level.”

Max Hall is currently in Provo attending BYU’s summer camp with a few players from his high school team. When Hanna committed to Coach Sitake, Hall was there to congratulate him on becoming a BYU Cougar.

“He was really excited for me when I told him that I committed,” said Hanna. “He congratulated me and told me how excited he was that I decided to commit today. He was smiling big time.”

Hanna plans on serving a LDS mission following high school graduation. When he returns he believes the BYU coaching staff will want him to develop at the tight end position.

“I’m thinking they might want me to play tight end but they haven’t specifically said,” Hanna said. “I’m pretty sure that’s what they might want me to play. I guess we’ll see but that’s what I’m thinking they’ll want me to play.”

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