Lone Peak HS DB Ammon Hannemann made a quick decision after getting an offer from BYU. He'll carry on a family legacy.

From Lone Peak High School, Ammon Hannemann has become one of the latest prospects to receive a BYU scholarship offer. He didn’t hesitate after receiving the offer by committing to Coach Sitake. Hannemann is a member of the 2017 class and joins older brother Micah Hannemann as part of the Lone Peak pipeline to BYU.

While attending BYU’s summer camp earlier this week, Lone Peak High School prospect Ammon Hannemann was approached by BYU assistant head coach Ed Lamb and received some welcome news.

“I’m doing really good,” Hannemann said with a laugh in his voice. “It’s been a good for me. I spoke to Coach Sitake and Ed Lamb [a few] days ago while I was at the BYU camp, and they were saying that I had a really good camp. Everything was positive.”

However, the news got even better the following day, which was Wednesday, when Coach Lamb again came up to Hannemann and gave him the word he was going to offer him a scholarship.

“The next day Ed Lamb just came up to me and said he wanted to offer me,” Hannemann said. “That’s when I committed on the spot. I got offered and committed to BYU right then and there, so I’m just really excited about everything right now.”

It didn’t take long for Hannemann to commit. For him it was an easy choice. His family ties to BYU, his LDS faith, the new coaching staff, and because he grew up a fan of BYU made it easy for him to commit on the spot.

“BYU is a place that I’ve always wanted to go to all my life,” Hannemann said. “Growing up I’ve always watched BYU and been a fan. I love the new coaching staff and I’ve had family and some of my cousins go there. Two of my older brothers have gone there too. They’ve said nothing but good things about going to BYU, so that’s why I decided to commit to BYU.”

At 6-2, 185-pounds, Hannemann plays the safety position. It’s a position his older brother Micah Hannemann will play at BYU this year. To be able to attend BYU and play the position his brother will play this year has been an exciting turn of events for Ammon.

“Micah Hannemann is my older brother and he plays up at BYU,” he said. “He’s going to play safety this year. I also play safety and I’m a senior this year. To get a scholarship from BYU to play safety and be a Cougar is just unreal for me. It feels like a dream and I couldn’t be more excited.”

When Ammon Hannemann told his brother Micah he had been offered by BYU and that he committed, the two celebrated together.

“He’s just really excited about the whole thing,” said Hannemann. “He’s been smiling the whole time. Everyone is really excited about what has happened. My brother was so happy for me and we had a good time talking about it together.”

Hannemann joins three other Lone Peak High School football players to have committed to BYU in recent days.

“Yeah, there’s a few of us coming out to BYU from Lone Peak,” Hannemann said. “There’s me, Preston Lewis, Connor Pay, and Jackson McChesney, who plays running back. It’s been a good experience for all of us. As for me I couldn’t be more excited about committing to BYU.”

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