Jason Kukahiko: BYU can "Count on Him"

<b>Jason Kukahiko</b> is one of the most underrated BYU wide receivers you don't hear too much about. He simply delivers consistently on the practice field and during games.

A junior in eligibility and one of the eldest players on the team heading into his 25th birthday, Kukahiko's age helps and does not hinder the 6-2, 190-pounder, one of the tallest Cougar receivers.

The former Orem High School sprinter not only uses his size effectively to catch balls – as he did Monday morning practice by jumping over two defenders to make a touchdown grab, but also his maturity brings stability to the receiving corps.

"I've been here for awhile so I kind of understand what the offense does now. We're just trying to fine tune everything and make sure everything fits," said Kukahiko. "We've got a lot of older receivers… so we've got to teach these young guys how to move."

One of the most consistent receivers during spring, Kukahiko closed the B&W spring game with an exclamation point when he caught a touchdown pass from Matt Berry.

Head coach Gary Crowton recently spoke of Kukahiko: I like Jason Kukahiko. He is real solid and real steady. I like his size and how he catches the ball."

He has been around the program long enough to understand what is expected of him and how coaches want to use him. Kukahiko has placed more of an emphasis on understanding defenses to exploit them to the best of his abilities.

"I try to work more on reading coverages and understand what I'm trying to do out there. It also helps to understand what the other receivers are doing out on the field to be able to know where they're going to be on certain routes."

This is where former longtime defensive coach and current BYU receiver coach Todd Bradford's insights are invaluable to the receiving corps.

Understanding "what other receivers are going to do with their strengths and weaknesses allows him to "play off them," Kukahiko said.

He noted Berry's improvement at quarterback has provided added security for him and other receivers in terms of cohesion and confidence in the overall offense.

"Berry has a lot more confidence and he's taken control out there. With his confidence, it makes it easier to have confidence in him."

Coach Crowton summed it up best with this previous comment: ''I'd put Kukahiko up there with Toby (Christensen) as a guy with experience that we can count on."

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