Corona Centennial (CA) QB Tanner McKee places BYU atop his growing offers list after being offered recently

A class of 2018 recruit, quarterback Tanner McKee already holds two PAC-12 offers, an offer from Hawaii, and an offer from BYU. The 6-6, 205-pound, LDS gunslinger from Corona Centennial High School (CA) is on the verge of being a hot prospect but already has a school he’s listed among his tops.

For Tanner McKee, BYU has long been a college he’s held dear to his heart. Known as “Quarterback U,” BYU is an attractive place for LDS gunslingers like McKee, who recently received an offer from the Cougar coaching staff.

“BYU has always been a top school for me, so I was really excited when they offered me a scholarship,” said McKee. “I’m in contact with the coaches and I’ll keep in contact with them and see how things go. My first offer was from the University of Hawaii, then Colorado, BYU, and Utah.”

The reasons BYU is a top school for McKee deal with faith, family, and the direction of the program.

“BYU is a top school because my dad graduated from there, the morals of the school are great, and it’s a top program,” said McKee. “I love what BYU stands for and obviously the new coaching staff is great. I just love everything about it.”

It also doesn’t hurt to have BYU legend, and Heisman Trophy winner, Ty Detmer as the program’s offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach either.

“Yeah, it’s amazing to have an offensive coordinator and coach like Ty Detmer who knows the game as well as he does,” said McKee. “We sat down and talked about plays and the offense and how it’s supposed to be ran. You can just tell he knows what he’s talking about and he knows his stuff.

“It’s really cool to be recruited by a Heisman Trophy winner. Coach Detmer is such a cool guy and such a down to earth type of coach who is really talented. We keep in touch and talk about things that are going on, when we’re coming up, trips, and things like that. I love Coach Detmer, he’s a pretty cool guy.”

Tanner’s also very fond of BYU head coach Kalani Sitake, who he first met at a fireside. Since then the two have had several conversations during recent recruiting periods.

“We went to a fireside and that’s when I first met Coach Sitake,” McKee said. “Then when we went up there a couple of weeks ago I got to see and talk with him. We were in the film room talking and that was a lot of fun. He’s a great guy. I love listening to him talk and he’s a stud.”

A member of the 2018 recruiting class, McKee is your prototypical quarterback every college looks for. He has size, a strong arm, and is coachable.

“We run a spread offense at Corona Centennial,” said McKee. “We’re throwing the ball all around and I love getting the ball out quickly. We throw a lot and, obviously, as a quarterback I like that. Our receiver weapons are off the charts and we have a ton of receivers that will be great targets for me. For me it’s about getting the ball out quickly and on target so our receivers can make the most of the route.”

The McKee family recently paid a visit to the state of Utah to attend a family baby blessing. While in town, Tanner McKee was offered a scholarship by BYU’s staff after having a very memorable visit.

“When BYU offered me a couple of weeks ago I was actually up there. I met all the coaches when I was there. We had a family baby blessing up in Utah so we all went up there. That’s when I went to BYU and they gave me a tour of the facilities. I saw the locker room and all that.

“I also got to watch film with Tanner Mangum and he’s obviously someone who knows the offense. I was cool to see how he sees and interprets things and how Coach Detmer interprets things like how the route and ball placement should be. It really was a cool experience for me all around.”

While McKee has placed BYU at the top of his list currently, he’ll take his time when it comes to making a final decision. He does plan on visiting BYU again soon to meet with the coaches and learn more about BYU.

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