Brathwaite Sightings Everywhere Except QB & OL

Knowledgeable football pundits agree BYU has the deepest and most versatile group of talented running backs right now than it has ever had.

One who has impressed coaches and teammates is junior Reynaldo Brathwaite, whose prior claim to fame is as the CIF rushing record holder with 314 yards and seven touchdowns in one game for Monte Vista High School in Spring Valley, California.

The 5-10, 175-pound running back tied NFL Hall of Fame Marcus Allen's high school FIC single-game rushing record.

Recruited from Grossmont Junior College, Brathwaite has fully acclimatized to his new environs in Provo, Utah.

"It wasn't that bad," said Brathwaite. "I went to a JC in San Diego, California, so it wasn't really that big of a jump. It was just being out here without any of my friends."

After redshirting last year, Brathwaite is now fully prepared to unleash his talents this fall in Crowton's offense.

"It's coming along good. We (BYU) kind of run the same offense I ran at my old JC like the open sets, run screens, tosses, run draws and stuff like that; so it wasn't that big of a change."

With his 4.35 speed, Brathwaite was primarily used last year to familiarize BYU's defense with opposing offenses. "Last year, I was on the scout team so I was running everybody else' offense. This year, I get to run our own a little bit."

Brathwaite brings to the table what he learned from scout team experiences to help the offense combat Mendenhall's swarm defense.

"You just gotta be tougher because they blitz all over the place. As a running back, you have to do your checks before you get into your pass routes. They're always sending guys, so you always gotta stick in there and block. You gotta get tougher. You gotta block on every down, because they're gonna come."

Brathwaite is "definitely more comfortable in the offense" now that he has had a greater chance to participate in BYU's game plan. His role is one of versatility.

Every running back has specific strengths that coach Crowton is going to utilize with a given offense. Because of his versatile abilities, he could very well become BYU's "utility" or "all purpose" man on offense.

Brathwaite talked about his roles on offense. "Basically anywhere; you might see me most everywhere, except the O-Line and quarterback."

With 4.35 speed, running back coach Paul Tidwell said Brathwaite could also get his shot at returning kicks. "We''ll also try Rey Brathwaite and Thomas Stancil back there and see what they can do."

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