Bishop Gorman HS (NV) lineman Jacob Isaia received his first offer from BYU and was very excited about it

Bishop Gorman offensive lineman Jacob Isaia (Class of 2018) has received his first division one scholarship offer which he couldn’t be happier about. BYU assistant head coach Ed Lamb explained to an excited Isaia that he indeed had an offer from BYU after fearing it was a misunderstanding from his high school coaches.

A member of the 2018 class, Bishop Gorman High School (NV) athlete Jacob Isaia comes in at 6-3, 261-pounds. He plays tackle at Bishop Gorman and is learning to become a well-rounded offensive lineman after moving to Nevada from the state of Hawaii.

“They have me at right tackle right now,” Isaia said. “I’ve always played tackle and have been pretty good at it. At my old school we use to run pass protection a lot so I was really good at running pass-pro. At Bishop Gorman they run the ball and pass the ball so it’s a little harder position for me to learn the run plays.”

Just two days ago, Isaia learned he had received an offer from the BYU Cougars.

“It was so exciting to get that offer from BYU,” Isaia said. “It just lets me know that all the work that I’ve been putting in has been paying off, and, you know, there’s more to come in the future.”

Here’s how it all came down. Isaia was working out when a few of Bishop Gorman’s coaches came over to congratulate him. Surprised and a bit confused, Isaia questioned his coaches as to why they were congratulating him.   

“Yesterday I came to practice and was about to work out and some of my high school coaches came up to me and congratulated me,” said an excited Isaia as he recounted the story. “I was like, ‘What? What are you talking about?’ They then told me that I got an offer from BYU. I said, “Are you kidding me? I got an offer from BYU?’ I was shocked because I haven’t really talked to BYU on social media but in going to a couple of camps I was able to talk to them.”

A Bishop Gorman coach then gave Isaia a number to call. He called Ed Lamb from BYU who confirmed that he had indeed been offered.

“My coaches gave me a number to the coach that offered me, so this morning I got to talk to him and confirm to him that I was offered,” said Isaia. “He said the offer was legit and that I had the offer from BYU. Man, I was so excited! It was a great feeling.

“I mean, I don’t know, I thought it was some form of miscommunication going on or something. I didn’t really know what to believe, so I decided to make the call and find out for myself. I really wasn’t expecting to get an offer this early.”

Jacob had met and spoken with Coach Lamb a few times but they hadn’t talked in depth until the offer was extended.

“I had met and spoken to him before, I think, at a couple camps and when BYU came down to watch our spring ball practice,” recalled Isaia. “We were talking and he said, ‘Sorry, I haven’t been able to receive your call. I’ve been on vacation. Then we were talking more and he said, ‘Yeah, from our coaches you’ve received an offer from BYU.’ I said, ‘Yeah, I just wanted to call and confirm the offer.’”

“It was a great experience for me. When he told me that I had that offer I was so happy to hear that from Coach Lamb,” he said.    

Throughout their conversation, Coach Lamb gave Isaia some insight into the inner workings of how the staff recruits. Isaia isn’t LDS but fits the characteristics the staff feels will allow him to represent the university and football program well.

“The coach kind of gave me a rundown of how they do things out there at BYU,” said Isaia. “BYU is a Mormon school and Coach Lamb told me they like to get a lot of Mormon kids over there because it’s an affiliated Mormon church. When they recruit, they like to give out early offers to help establish a relationship and because their spots get filled up really fast.”

For Isaia, the litmus test for a college he would be interested in isn’t very long. As of now, there are two qualities he is looking for. So far BYU fits the bill.

“I’m looking for a Polynesian population there that I can relate to,” said Isaia. “I’m comfortable with that group and so that’s something I’m looking for at the next level. I’m also looking for a good education and that’s mostly it.”

Although BYU’s staff has already extended the offer, Isaia currently has seven colleges still evaluating him as a possible prospect.

“Utah is another one looking at me,” said Isaia. “Also Washington State, Washington has been sending me some mail, UCLA, USC, Michigan, Michigan State, and I’ve also received some info from Florida State.”

Now that Isaia has received his first D1 scholarship offer a lot of weight has been lifted from his shoulders. He knows now that his future is very bright.

“To receive my first offer from BYU means so much to me,” Isaia said. “I mean, I’m just so grateful that all my hard work and the sacrifices I’ve made have all paid off. I still have to work and I still have to grind, but to know that I have an offer from BYU has really made me so happy. I guess you just have to expect the unexpected.”

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