Deal with Implemented

The next significant phase of <b></b> deal with <b></b> has been implemented. <b></b> and all college team sites' recruiting stories and "hot news" are now being fed to the college team pages at

"Clicking the hyperlinked headlines will take users to the content on our corresponding team site," said Glen Nelson, Managing Editor for The

He added that all college team site logos will also appear on the right side of the mastheads on the Fox team pages. "Headline feeds from our NFL team sites will appear on FoxSports team pages in the very near future," he added.

"This means millions of more sports fans will be exposed to our content via a site that is aggressively promoted on network television."

Previously, hyperlinked covers to Citadel Publishing team magazines appeared on corresponding FoxSports team pages. Again, this is just the first phase of the deal. More details of new developments to come.

To check out TBS' presence at, click on the BYU college team at the following:

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