Berry, Coats Ready to Mix it Up for Real

BYU sophomore quarterback <b>Matt Berry</b> had made his mental list and has checked it twice in eager anticipation of playing anyone except his own teammates.

"We're ready to go. I think we are a little tired of picking on each other. We've had a long off-season, so we're all ready to go," Berry said today.

Testy moods and tempers aside, both the offense and defense ready to beat up anybody but themselves.

"We have quite the rivalry going the last couple years. We're ready to go. We just want to see somebody else instead of our own team. The defense is really looking good," Berry added.

Tight end Daniel Coats also noticed the difference in intensity and attitude. "It's going to be a great year. Everybody doesn't want the same thing to happen that happened last year. Everybody is working hard to get things done, and to just go out and prove to everybody that last year was just a fluke."

Berry noted that "we're working on our tempo and execution right now. I think we're looking pretty good out there. As far as I can tell, everyone knows what they're doing out and we're going to be ready to go."

Asked about his personal improvement over the past 12 months, he responded, "I just feel physically a lot better and mentally a lot better, and I've gotten with coach Crowton and coach Bosco and I know the Xs and Os a lot better," he said.

He said his finger, injured last week, is healing well. "It feels a lot better. This is the worst finger to have something like this happen to, but it's should be alright."

Matt Berry reserved some of his highest praise for his young offensive line that could start as many as three freshmen this year.

"The O-line is going to do a great job. They're young and talented and our running backs are going to surprise a lot of people."

Berry said he is very optimistic about the success of the offense, particularly impressed with freshman tight end Coats, who he feels will be a major weapon for the BYU Cougars for years to come.

"He's a man child," said Berry of his tight end Coats. "He's a machine when he's out there. I mean, see how big and strong he is. He's going to be a great player for a long time. He knows his stuff and he comes ready to play everyday. He's smart out there and he's very physical."

Coats responded to Berry's comments: "I'm a little bigger, I think. I'm stronger than I was and I feel like I know the game a lot more now from the coaches here. I just know the game more."

Ten days and counting…

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