Centennial HS (CA) DE Seleti Fevaleaki has held offers from each school Kalani Sitake has coached at and is glad for his offer from BYU

Seleti Fevaleaki was first verbally offered by Kalani Sitake while Sitake was at Utah, and the offer stood while he was at Oregon State. Now that he’s become BYU’s head coach, the offer to Fevaleaki still holds true for the 2017 recruiting class. Fevaleaki couldn’t be more excited.

When Seleti Fevaleaki, who is LDS, first received his offer from BYU he couldn’t have been more excited.

“Oh man, I was happy! I was supper happy!” recalled Fevaleaki. “That’s when I went and posted it on Twitter right away. My parents weren’t sure and when I told them they were happy too.

“This offer means a lot to me because I know I can go to a school where the education there can help me for a better future. I also helps me to know that I can be surrounded by good, young men who believe in the same things that I do. It means I can be around similar people who have the same values that I do, so that’s why I’m really happy about my offer from BYU. My dad told me that back in the days all the Polys wanted to go to BYU. He said back in the days BYU was all packed with Poly’s. My dad, my mom, and my little sister are all big BYU fans.”

His whole family joined in expressing their excitement about his BYU offer.  

“Getting an offer from BYU, man, my whole family called and everyone was calling me saying, “Oh man, you got offered by BYU?’” said Fevaleaki. “My brothers and sisters all called me from Utah, my first cousin, my aunt, my uncle from Hawaii all called me to congratulate me. They were hitting me up, especially to my parents. The whole family was calling my parents.”

There was one member of his family, however, who didn’t quite share in the rest of the family’s excitement about BYU.

“One of my brothers used to go to Utah and he played for the Utes,” said Fevaleaki with a giggle in his voice. “He played football for a little bit but then he just went to school there. That’s the only one that called me and said, ‘You got an offer from BYU?’ I was like, ‘Yeah!’ He’s the only one that’s kind of a Utah Utes fan. He told me that if I decide go to BYU he’s going to support me, but he said he’s going to wear a Utah Utes jersey to the BYU games.”

Fevaleaki first learned of his BYU offer from fellow teammate, and close friend, Drake Jackson who also holds an offer from BYU.

“You know how Kalani used to be the defensive coordinator at the Utah Utes?” said Fevaleaki. “I got a verbal offer from him back then, but then he went to Oregon State. He was the first to offer me out of Utah.

“When he went to Oregon State I wasn’t sure if I had an offer any more. Drake Jackson who plays out here with me, got an offer from BYU when he was out there over the summer. He told Kalani that I wasn’t sure if I still had an offer. Kalani called me and said, ‘Just to let you know, because I heard that you weren’t sure if you still had an offer from me now that I’m at BYU, you still have your offer on the table.’ That’s how I found out that I had an offer from BYU.”

Kalani verbally offered Fevaleaki when he was a freshman in high school. When Kalani went to Oregon State to be defensive coordinator, Fevaleaki was a junior. Now a senior at Centennial High School (Corona, CA), Fevaleaki now has an offer from his church college.

“Yeah, I wasn’t sure what was going on an confused wondering, ‘Dang, I wonder if I still have an offer from Kalani or not?’” said Fevaleaki. “Luckily my friend Drake Jackson told him that I wasn’t sure if I had an offer or not and Kalani then hit me up.”

Big, fast, and strong with quick feet, Fevaleaki is the type of defensive end prospect Coach Sitake likes on his defensive line, which is why he was first offered by Utah and that offer held all the way to BYU.

“The position I play is defensive end for Corona Centennial High School,” said Fevaleaki. “I always do what my coaches tell me to do. That’s one thing I’ll always do is do what they tell me with no questions asked. I have good hands and I’m [fast] with my feet. I have a strong lower body and a really strong core. So, I have the ability to bull rush as well as use my speed to get around the edge.”

The offer by BYU makes four offers currently with a possibility of seven on the table. Fevaleaki explains this odd situation.

“Well, I’ve received offers from Utah, Oregon State and Texas Tech throughout high school,” said Fevaleaki. “I’m not sure if I still have offers from Utah or Oregon State now that Kalani is gone. I do know I have an offer from BYU, Hawaii, Boise State, UNLV, and an offer from Texas Tech,” he said. “But Texas Tech hasn’t really followed up with me recently so I don’t know if I still have an offer from them anymore.”

So what exactly is Fevaleaki looking for at the next level?

“I want to go to a college that first will let me go on my mission and then go to college,” Fevaleaki said. “Second I would say which college would provide me with a good education in business? You won’t always play football for the rest of your life, so a good education is business is something that I’m looking for. The third thing would be what kind of a relationship can I have with my coaches and the players on the team? That’s something important to me. I’m also looking for what college can help me with being the best spiritually. I’m just looking for what college can give me the best value on every level from my scholarship.”

The offer to Fevaleaki makes three prospects from Centennial that BYU has offered.

“Let me see, BYU offered our freshman D-end Drake Jackson and Tanner McKee,” Fevaleaki said. “Now they’ve offered me so that’s three from Centennial.”

Fevaleaki is very close with both Jackson and McKee, which bodes well for BYU.

“I’m super close with Drake Jackson and I always give him advice,” said Fevaleaki. “I always give him advice because when I’m gone he’s the next one who will have to step up.”

What does Jackson think about his BYU offer?

“Yeah, he’s glad BYU has offered him,” said Fevaleaki. “He’s really happy about that.”

And what about four-star QB Tanner McKee? What does he think about his BYU offer.

“Oh yeah, Tanner! We always talk about college and about BYU,” said an excited Fevaleaki. “It’s kind of funny because we’re always talking about BYU and college stuff.”

Has Fevaleaki ever sacked McKee and rubbed it in the four-star quarterback’s nose?

“Tanner, man, he gets the ball off quick!” Fevaleaki said while laughing. “He’s so quick off the snap and release it’s hard to get to him, which helps us D-lineman get off the snap quickly. I don’t think there’s any other quarterback out there who can get the ball off as quickly as Tanner. He holds the ball for one or two seconds at the most and then throws. That’s really quick and it helps us because other quarterbacks hold the ball longer.

“Usually we get so close to sacking him but it’s always gone by then. I did pick him off once, on a screen play. He got really mad and was saying, ‘I didn’t see you! I didn’t see you!’ He’s that kind of quarterback who wants to do things perfect every time. If he doesn’t get it perfect the first time he’ll get it perfect the next time.”

The big defensive end does have general idea on when he’ll make a final decision on which of his college options he’ll choose from.

“I think I’ll probably do it just before the season or during the season,” said Fevaleaki. “My mom is always saying, ‘Commit to BYU! Commit to BYU! But my dad tells me to wait it out a little bit. I’ll probably make a decision sometime around the first of the season or during the season.”


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