Imhotep Institute Charter HS prospect Justin Johnson received his 7th offer from BYU & will be at the BYU-WVU game tomorrow afternoon

Big offensive tackle prospect Justin Johnson has received his seventh offer from the BYU Cougars. However, BYU’s offer to 6-7, 335-pound Johnson makes it four offers that BYU has extended to Imhotep Institute Charter High School prospects from the 2017, 2018, and 2019 classes.

While watching film for tonight’s game against Friday High School, Imhotep Institute Charter High School offensive tackle Justin Johnson received word that he, along with three of his teammates, were offered by BYU. He, like the other three Imhotep prospects offered by the Cougars (Mike Crawford, Omar Speights, and Aamir Brown), was informed to call BYU’s director of recruiting operations Tevita Ofahengaue.

“We were preparing for [today’s game] against Friday High School,” Johnson said. “My coach told me that I was offered by BYU and told me to call Coach T.O. who offered me a scholarship. He told me to call him and say thank you and build that relationship with them. He then told me that three of my teammates had also received a BYU offer.”

Johnson admits he still has work to do when it comes to knowing exactly what a BYU scholarship offer entails.

“Yeah, I still have some homework to do, but I know about the religious aspects of BYU,” Johnson said. “I know BYU has a great sports program, but I don’t know much about the religious aspects of the school. I’ll need to look more into that. I know BYU has good academics.”

The religious aspects of BYU isn’t an issue for Johnson. He feels that the honor code of BYU and the atmosphere is probably similar to the life he’s currently living.

“The partying thing isn’t really my scene,” said Johnson. “I don’t do that now and mostly just focus on football and my schooling. Yeah, that whole thing really isn’t me so a place like BYU is good because it could help me stay focused like we are now at Imhotep. It just keeps you straight and out of trouble and can help mold you to be a better man. That is something that I’m looking forward to and I want to go to a college that helps you focus on your craft.”

The offer from BYU makes It Johnson’s seventh offer on the table so far.

“My [offers are] from Texas Tech, Massachusetts, San Diego State, Pittsburgh, Missouri, Maryland, and now BYU,” he said.

So what exactly is Johnson looking for in a college when he makes that final decision?

“I’m really looking at a college that makes me feel at home,” Johnson said. “I want to go to a college that makes me feel like I can live there and feel comfortable. I want to go to a school that has great academics as well. I know BYU has great academics and that’s a strong suit with me and my family. I might go out there for a visit so I’ll get a better look at what BYU has to offer. Me and three other of my teammates have been offered by BYU, so we plan on watching BYU play this weekend. Then maybe later I might plan on going out there to see the campus first hand for an official visit.”

Coming in at 6-7, 335-pounds, Johnson is a force to be reckoned with. His massive frame as a high school junior makes him look more like an NFL player than a prep player.

“Yeah, in this last game of ours I didn’t have anyone to block,” Johnson said. “There was just air in front of me. I had no defensive end, no linebacker, and nothing in front of me. So I had not a single highlight from my last game. Can I just get one highlight from my games? That’s all I want really. Can someone just put a linebacker or defensive end on me next time?”

Tonight Johnson and his teammates will play Friday High School where he hopes to get at least one highlight to put on a tape.

Justin Johnson may look intimidating, but he’s a humble young man who just wants to play football and get a college education. Johnson plays right offensive tackle for Imhotep.  

“I play offensive line and strictly offensive tackle,” said Johnson. “I was talking to the BYU coach and he told me that they played two freshman in their last game. He said that they got in the rotation and got playing time, so he told me that anyone can come in and get some playing time at BYU if they’re good enough.”

Johnson was offered at the same time as three other of his Imhotep teammates. He too will be attending the BYU vs. West Virginia game tomorrow.

“Aamir Brown was offered by BYU,” Johnson said. “He plays wide receiver for us and he’s really good. He’s fast and catches really well. Then there’s Michael Crawford who plays cornerback for our school and he’s a hard worker and can cover anyone. Aamir Brown and Mike Crawford are in the class of 2017. I’m in the class of 2018 and Omar Speights, who plays D-end for us is in the class of 2019. They’re all really hard workers and great players. For BYU to offer all four of us all together at the same time is something special. We all really appreciate how BYU did for all four of us. This is kind of special for us, so we’ll be out there to watch BYU play West Virginia and it should be a lot of fun.”

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