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BYU wide receiver Jonah Trinnaman talked to the media about his play and the struggles his teammates have had in recent weeks

Jonah Trinnaman had one of the more electrifying plays of the season catching a bomb against Toledo. However, BYU’s receivers struggled against Mississippi State and Boise State in the following weeks but look to get back on track on the road against Cincinnati.

Considered a top five JUCO receiver in the nation coming out of Snow College, Jonah Trinnaman feels as though his first season at BYU hasn’t quite living up to his own personal expectations.

“I don’t know, I feel like I could have done a lot better,” said Trinnaman. “I expect a lot of things and I’m not having a good year. This is a new offense with new coaches so I’m just trying to fit in and get more comfortable being up here. It’s a jump.”

Trinnaman doesn’t attribute his lack of production on his part to the jump in talent level. Rather, he feels he’s still acclimating himself to BYU’s new offense.

“I believe at the junior college level I played against D1 dudes and that’s why I’m here,” said Trinnaman. “I feel like the first couple of games it kind of introduced me to that. I feel like here at BYU it’s been a change for me. At Snow we ran more of a spread offense where it was fast-paced catching screens and stuff like that whereas here we run the pro-style offense. Here it’s more technique, technical routes, and precision routes with little stuff to try and make bigger plays. I’m just trying to do that and get well acquainted and familiar with that part of things.”

Trinnaman’s recruiting choices came down to BYU and Utah. With Utah having so much success this season and being ranked in the Top 25, Trinnaman still feels his choice to come to BYU was the right one despite everything else. He doesn’t regret his choice.

“No, not at all,” Trinnaman said quickly. “I made that decision forever ago. Good for Utah! I mean, they deserve to win some games and have some good coaching up there, but I love BYU and I love our coaches here. I love everyone here and I’m super happy being here. It’s just an adjustment, you know what I mean? It’s a new offense, new coaches, and everything but I love being here. I love our coaches.”

Against Toledo, Trinnaman caught a 75-yard pass from Taysom Hill on the opening play of what would become one of the most exciting games of the season.

“It was sweet and I knew it was coming, so, you know, I was a little nervous walking out there,” said Trinnaman. “Yeah, it was a sweet play and Taysom threw a perfect ball and I made the play. We do it in practice or just playing around. It was cool for our 65,000 fans to see.”

Throughout the season BYU’s offense has struggled in the passing game. Hill threw 41 times for only 187 yards against Boise State. Part of that could be attributed to dropped passes by receivers but the average yard per catch was only 4.6 yards. BYU needs to do a better job of getting the ball downfield.

“I think we know that everybody wants that and it puts us in better field position,” Trinnaman said. “For me that’s what I did last year. I was that deep guy out on the field, but it’s a change from just running down field. We’re letting Jamaal run and Taysom is going to do his thing. It’s talked about but we do what we do. We do what works and what we’re told to do.”

Against Boise State the Cougar receivers suffered a bout of butter fingers, dropping passes in what seemed like every passing attempt. Trinnaman believes the group wasn’t as focused as they should have been.

“I think it’s ourselves personally,” Trinnaman said. “Thinking about stuff in the past, it’s been drops and things that have hurt ourselves. I feel like if we just need to go out with the right mindset and just go out and play ball like we do you wouldn’t see much of that.

“I feel like drops are going to happen and you see that at every level of football: high school, college, NFL. Everybody drops balls but it’s just a lack of focus. Personally, it’s a lack of focus. We’ve been working on that by doing extra work on our own after practices catching balls and things like that.”

The Cougars are just eight points away from being undefeated on the season. It’s a stat both sweet and sour for Jonah Trinnaman.

“Man, it’s tough because it would be one thing if we had lost those games by a lot of points but that wasn’t the case,” Trinnaman said. “I mean, we’ve lost all of our games by a combined total of eight points. I think we’re going to get rolling. We’ll win our last couple of games this season then play LSU in that big Houston stadium. We’ve got a good team and a lot of people coming back. I don’t know, I think good things are going to happen for us.”

So as the Cougars get set to face Cincinnati this weekend the pass-catchers of BYU hope to remedy the struggles they endured against Boise State.

“This is a chance for us to make things right,” Trinnaman said. “This is a chance to set a new tone as we head towards the second part of our schedule. I think we’ll be okay. I think we’ll come out after our bye-week and get on track making those catches that we know we can make.”

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