Blacksburg HS (SC) athlete Elijah Rodgers has been receiving a lot of recruiting interest but having his lone offer from BYU excites him

From Blacksburg, South Carolina, cornerback Elijah Rodgers received his first division one scholarship from BYU. Currently being recruited by 12 colleges, Rodgers places BYU at the top of his list and might be making an unofficial visit to Provo soon.

Colleges such as Florida State, Clemson, North Carolina, Louisville, and South Carolina have all been recruiting Blacksburg High School (SC) athlete Elijah Rodgers but have yet to pull the trigger with scholarship offers. The one college that did pull the trigger was BYU and Rodgers couldn’t be happier about it.

“When I first got my offer from BYU I was really excited,” Rogers said. “I wasn’t really expecting that, so when the offer came I couldn’t believe it. Man, it really made my day!”

Rogers has remained in close contact with BYU through the recruiting department and has established a great relationship with BYU’s Director of Recruiting Operations, Tevita Ofahengaue.

“I’ve been pretty good and BYU’s treating me really nice,” Rogers said. “I talk to TO [Tevita Ofahengaue] quite a bit. He’s been treating me really good and I love that guy. Yeah, I have a great relationship with him and he’s a really good guy.”

Although it’s been a few months since Rodgers received the offer from BYU, he still gets excited when thinking about the day he got his first D1 offer.

“Man, I love it the fact that I got my offer from BYU, which is a major college and football program, still gets me excited ,” Rogers said. “It’s still unreal to me. I tell TO [Tevita Ofahengaue] that every time I talk to him. I let him know how excited I am that I got an offer from him to go to BYU.”

Recently, Rodgers attended a Clemson football game where he sat behind a family very familiar with BYU. Former BYU defensive back Derwin Gray along with his son, and BYU recruit, Jeremiah Gray, were sitting in the same area when the two parties began talking.

“Yeah I sat behind the Gray family and they were really cool,” said Rogers. “I was sitting down and didn’t realize that my dad was talking to them about how I was offered from BYU. [Derwin Gray] was actually sitting in front of me. He told me that BYU is a really good school and that he played there. He said that he had around six offers coming out of high school but chose BYU and then went on to the NFL.”

Rodgers also caught the end of BYU’s thrilling double overtime win over Mississippi State, where he cheered on the Cougars.

“I watched the Mississippi State game with my dad,” Rogers said. “I got home around 1:00 a.m. and turned the T.V. on to catch part of the game. I was screaming for BYU all the way!”

BYU is home to play the last three games of their season season. This Saturday, BYU will host Southern Utah. Rodgers has spoken to his father about possibly flying in for an unofficial visit.

“Yeah, I’ve been talking to my dad and was thinking about coming out there on the 12th when they play at home,” Rogers said. “I was thinking about heading there for an unofficial. We’ll see though.”

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