Notre Dame HS (CA) athlete Tyler Asemota said his official visit to BYU set the bar for the remainder of his visits

From Sherman Oaks, California Tyler Asemota is a standout wide receiver with a handful of offers to his name. One is from Oregon State, where he is currently committed to, and another is BYU, which he already took his first official visit to. The bar has now been set.

A 6-4, 200-pound wide receiver, Tyler Asemota wasn’t sure what to expect when he landed in the state of Utah, kicking off his official visit to BYU.

“We landed and the first thing we did was we went to this really, really good breakfast place near the campus,” recalled Asemota. “Then they toured us around the school and I want to major in business so anything to do with business like business marketing, business management, and they showed us the business school and that was incredible. They showed us some of the people who had graduated from BYU’s business school in the past and that was really cool.

“Then we went to the BYU vs. Mississippi State game on the same day and that was incredible! I’ve never been to a game with that many people in a stadium all cheering for one team. That was incredible. I’ve been to college games but nothing like that before. That really stood out to me.”

Asemota’s experience at LaVell Edwards Stadium on game day was the most incredible football experience he’s ever had, and that is saying a lot since he’s been to many PAC-12 games featuring big time programs.

“I’ve been to a UCLA game, I’ve been to an ASU game, and a USC game, and the BYU game was the best experience I’ve ever had,” said Asemota. “The BYU vs. Mississippi State game was just incredible. It was cool to see Jamaal Williams break the school rushing record and the crowd and fans were incredible.”

BYU’s fan base is one of the most rabid in all of college football boasting loyal followers from around the world.

“Yeah, yeah, they told me about that and I saw pictures of people around the world repping BYU gear,” said Asemota. “That was so cool and I did not know that. They’re everywhere! When BYU played Arizona they had more fans than Arizona did, which is insane.”

While on campus and touring the facilities, Asemota mentally cataloged a few things that stood out to him about his BYU experience.

“Well, when I first met the coaches I was a little nervous and I didn’t know what to expect, because they coach big time players and it’s such a huge program,” said Asemota. “After talking to them, I realized how great of people they are. They just made me feel comfortable over there. There’s not a lot of egos over there.

“The state of Utah was beautiful and I thought it was going to be really gloomy. I had never been there before and wasn’t expecting it to be like that. It was really nice out and the mountains are amazing. There’s so much fun stuff to do, and I really liked the area there. That was what first got me.

“Then the stadium sitting right by the mountains was incredible. Then I saw how high the stadium went up and thought, ‘There’s no way this place is going to get full.’ Then at kickoff I turned around and looked up and saw the stadium completely packed! That was just insane and really cool.”

BYU cornerbacks coach Jernaro Gilford, who is responsible for recruiting Asemota, is the one who invited Asemota to come down on his official visit to BYU.

“Well, first of all it was a bye-week for me and I’ve heard so many great things about BYU, so I wanted to check it out,” said Asemota. “Coach Gilford asked if I wanted to come down for a visit. So, I was like, ‘Why not! I want to check it out and heard so much about BYU.’ My mom loved it over there. She had a great time and really likes the school a lot.”

Asemota holds Coach Gilford in high esteem.

“He’s a really cool guy,” he said. “He actually came and watched one of my games. I’ve been talking to him for a while now and he’s a really, really, great guy. I feel comfortable talking to him.”

Although Asemota is still currently committed to Oregon State he admits anything can happen. He’s seen what BYU has to offer and the bar has been set when he takes his official visits to other programs.

“I’m currently committed to Oregon State right now,” said Asemota. “I still haven’t taken an official visit to Oregon State and I don’t really know what to expect. I still have some time to fully think about it, but with Oregon State it just felt the most comfortable and I was pretty sure that was what I wanted. But, at the end of the day anything can happen. I just want to find a place where I’m most comfortable, so I’m going to take all my visits and see what’s best for me.”

Asemota currently has offers from San Diego State, Wyoming, Hawaii, Fresno State, and Montana, as well as Oregon State and BYU. Although he’s already taken his official visit, he mentioned he would love to take an unofficial back out to BYU in the near future.

“I can still go on unofficial visits,” said Asemota. “I would love to go back out there to BYU. I really liked it out there.”

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