Payson HS (UT) athlete Tyler Batty took his time in deciding where he wanted to play college football and said BYU is the place for him

He held offers from the University of Utah, Utah State, Air Force, and Hawai’i but chose to wear the blue and white of BYU. Payson High School athlete Tyler Batty talks about why he decided to commit to Kalani Sitake and BYU and what it was that sold him on the program.

Payson High School tight end/defensive end Tyler Batty chose BYU over in-state rival, and PAC-12 member, Utah, among other schools. What was it about BYU that convinced him Provo was the place where he belonged?

“The coaching staff was a big part of it for me,” said Batty. “Also over the years I’ve spent a lot of time around BYU. Over the past four years I’ve spent time attending their summer football camps. I was there when [Bronco] Mendenhall was there with his staff, and now this year with Kalani in there, I mean, night and day I could feel it was quite different. It’s just a good group of guys they have in there now and it’s a huge difference, so, yeah, the coaching staff is one reason why I decided to commit to BYU. It was a huge part for me.

“Then also the type of players that are at BYU is another reason. Last week I got a chance to go up to watch a practice and hang out a bit. The type of environment that is fostered there is great. I mean, it’s a happy environment there and not uptight. It’s not wound up really tightly and everyone there has a perspective of ‘We’re here to play football but at the same time we’re here to have fun.’ It has created a really cool environment that all the players feel they fit in there. They’re having fun while at the same time they’re getting stuff done. That was really cool.”

Along with the attraction of BYU’s coaching staff and environment, Batty also noticed something that is often overlooked but very important.

“The coaching staff is a really big part of it,” said Batty. “Also the environment that the coaches foster has a huge effect on the team and the chemistry they’ve built. I mean, they’re not only building chemistry on the practice field while developing, building, and learning everyone’s tendencies, they’re building chemistry in the weight room, the locker room, and in their offices. These guys are very involved with one another. It’s the epitome of brotherhood.”

The demands of practice along with the emotional and physical rigors required to excel can often rob one of a love for the sport of football. Finding a healthy balance to maintain that love needs to be understood and fostered. This was a lesson Batty discovered on his own but saw on full display while visiting BYU.

“Going through high school I never really noticed but I was so focused on the product that I kind of got lost in the process,” said Batty. “I was so focused on the outcome of the process that I didn’t really enjoy it. This past year really opened my eyes to enjoying the process, and that was one thing I saw at BYU. I saw how they were enjoying the process and having fun playing football at BYU. They were applying something I learned. They get it!”

But why commit to BYU now?

“Yeah, I’ve been talking to BYU quite a bit and just going over what’s been happening and numbers on the board and just felt like this was the time to commit,” Batty said. “I just felt this was definitely the time to commit if I’m serious about playing here So, I did.”

Batty held an offer from the Utah, which recruited him hard and wanted him to commit early. However, Batty wasn’t ready to commit to any program and wanted to take a more methodical approach to the process in order to make the right decision.

“They were definitely pushing a commitment from me early on, especially in the fall,” Batty said. “I wasn’t quite ready to make a commitment. As things progressed they had a couple of spots fill up and they were sort of out of the question these past couple of weeks, because they had commits come in and I wasn’t ready to commit. I’m definitely not saying that, ‘Oh, because the U of U filled up spots BYU was my last resort.’ What I’m saying is I wasn’t ready to make a final commitment at that time. I just felt like BYU might be a better place for me, so I didn’t want to make that commitment so I could make sure I was making the right decision.

“I had the offer from BYU and I know I made the right decision to wait,” Batty said. “Now that it’s over and I made my decision I feel great about it. I feel I handled the process in the right way that was best for me. Now that it’s over I’m happy. It’s definitely been a long process but I’m definitely happy where I sit.”

Prior to committing to BYU, Batty had an official visit scheduled to the University of Hawai’i. He’s not sure what his status is concerning that official visit now that he’s committed to BYU. He may decide to take an official out there to see the campus and see if the offer still stands. Possessing a combination of both size and athleticism, Batty could play a number of positions on either side of the ball. However, the exact position he’ll play at BYU will be decided later once Batty returns home from his LDS mission.

“I’m 6-5, 235-pounds and could play a few positions,” said Batty. “BYU has talked to me about playing multiple positions such as defensive end, defensive tackle, tight end, linebacker, and offensive tackle. It really just depends because I’m going to leave on an LDS mission for two years, so I might come back bigger than when I left so it depends on what the need is. Wherever they need me is where I’ll play. I even told them I’ll play kicker if they need me.”

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