Reynaldo Brathwaite Shines as a RB Stand-in

Reynaldo Brathwaite filled in for injured Marcus Whalen last Thursday against Georgia Tech and BYU's running game didn't miss a beat.

Starting his first Division I game, Brathwaite opened eyes and the imagination of BYU fans with his speed and elusive running style, evading tacklers enough to lead Cougar rushers with 65 of the 86 yards gained on the ground.

On the other side, P.J. Daniels led all Georgia Tech running backs with only 58 yards behind, arguably, one of the best offensive lines in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Despite his initial success, Reynaldo Brathwaite paid no attention to personal stats. "Everybody's been asking me, but I haven't looked at it. I'll wait till the season is over."

Asked about his first college game experience, he noted with a smile, "I enjoyed it. I really do. It's fun."

Deferring to his injured teammate, he said, "You know Marcus, I'm just trying to fill his shoes, basically. I tried to play hard. We had one go down so I had to step it up."

Brathwaite didn't think he would play much, so pre-game jitters was never a factor. "Nah, actually I wasn't nervous at all. I didn't think I would be able to play that much. When they (coaches) said go in, I went right in so I didn't really have time to think about it."

Next up is USC. Like most of his Cougar teammates who watched the USC vs. Auburn game, Brathwaite, who hails from Southern California, had this to say about the Trojans.

"Their D-line is probably the best position they have," said Brathwaite, adding "their safety Darnell Bing is probably the best DB they have."

Brathwaite said if BYU can slow down USC's defensive line "wild bunch," the game should be competitive.

"If we can get through the D-line we should have no problem," said Brathwaite. "Plus Auburn has a different style of play than we do. We're not going to be in an "I" formation all day. We're going to spread things out. I mean they (USC) were in a 4-3 all day. You can't do that against us."

He also knows its must easier said than done. The confident Brathwaite added he feels that whatever outcome of Saturday's game, BYU is heading in the right direction.

"Up. That's all we can go. We need the win next week (Saturday). After that, then the sky's the limit. There goes the BCS," he said with a hopeful smile.

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