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Olympus HS athlete Nathan Latu says he loves the feeling he gets from BYU but will look at other schools to confirm his feelings

Having committed to BYU as a sophomore, Olympus High School athlete Nathan Latu wants to find solidarity in his decision. The 2018 prospect, who committed to BYU during his sophomore year, wants to solidify his commitment to BYU by making sure it's the right decision.

Committing to a college is a big decision for high school football players who not old enough to vote. Olympus High School defensive end Nathan Latu, the twin brother of Cameron Latu, committed to BYU early after he received his first offer from BYU defensive coordinator Ilaisa Tuiaki while attending a BYU football camp last summer.

"At BYU they're really nice and I'm actually looking forward to going to BYU," said Nate Latu. "I like BYU a lot. Lately I've been talking to Coach Scalley and I'm starting to like Utah too. When I committed to BYU I kind of felt like I was under pressure, but at the same time I liked BYU a lot. Like, I loved it. For BYU I'm still looking forward to that too. Utah State came by and talked to me, my brother [Cameron Latu], and Ben Bywater, so we've got other colleges coming by and looking at us too."

Older brother Nathan Latu committed to BYU first followed by Cameron Latu later.

“Nate committed the first day when we got offered,” recalls his brother Cameron Latu. “Then I committed two days later. I didn’t want to commit right then, but then I thought about it and committed later.”

"We were just coming out of our sophomore year when BYU offered us," recalled Nathan Latu. "At the moment I was like, "Oh shoot! This is the best offer I'm going to get' because it's a great school, great campus, and great football program. If I get more offers I'll be checking those out too because I want to see how other colleges are and how other campuses are. After my official visits I just want to see more of what college I want to go to."

Like his brother Cameron, Nathan Latu remains committed to BYU but simply wants to make sure his initial decision to attend BYU is the right one. So, he'll weigh what BYU has to offer against the other schools that offer him in an effort to erase all doubt.

"Yeah, that's kind of what I'm thinking," Nathan Latu said. "That way there is no doubt about my decision. When BYU offered me it was my first offer and it was the perfect place and it still seems like the right fit for me. But, once I see other colleges I'll have that confirmation."

With a little over a year left before signing day in 2018, Nathan Latu will have plenty of time to weigh his options. Once he does he'll go forward with greater conviction his decision was the right one. One thing is certain, however, the Latu twins would like to play together at the next level.

“That would actually be really tough,” said Cameron Latu. “I would love to play with Nate to be honest. I think that would be unreal. It’s been both of our dreams to be D1 football players and being on the same team. I think that would be great.”

"Yeah, we haven't really talked a lot about that but not playing with my brother at the next level would be tough," Nathan Latu said. "We've been playing together for a long time, so not to play with him would be a little different. Yeah, I want to play with my brother."

I plan on taking an official visit to Utah and I've been looking at Notre Dame, because they've been talking to us and sending us mail," said Nathan Latu. "If we get a chance and they offer then I plan on going out there. Then one to UCLA but I'm not sure yet. Then I'll take an official to BYU."

"Well one I want to make sure I'm comfortable in the environment and the campus and surroundings," said Nathan Latu. "I want to be comfortable. Then I want a coaching staff like BYU, because the coaching staff at BYU is just awesome. They're laid back and obviously they're different, which they have to be which is awesome, and they're just chill to kick it with. I'm comfortable being around them.

"Another is the players that are at a school that I play with. I want to create a bond with the players that I'm going to play with."

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