BluNotes: Slightly Satirical Fans-eye Vew of BYU

<b>Lund, Sweden</b> -- Now that BYU fans have had a few days to digest our Cougars victory over Georgia Tech, it is time to scan cyberspace for this season's first <b>BluNotes</b> column.

... Who says we suffer an East coast bias? The ACC would beg to differ. Some of their fans may have come around. Prior to Thursday's game, Clemson's CUlaterdude was confident that the Cougars would prevail: "Without a doubt BYU over Georgia Tech. While I hate to go against a conference team that is playing OOC, the combination of a Freshman QB starting his 1st game on-the-road, in the altitude of Utah with a depleted team behind him just seems like too much to overcome."

... Cougars complaining about MWC refs? Off course. I mean, why should the BCS conferences get all the striped talent. Clemson's TigerRag1 wasn't blinded by the yellow polyester rain: "Last Night was ugly. Not because Maryland and Georgia Tech lost. They just looked flat and uninspired. BTW, ACC Officials still suck. The BYU/Tech officiating was pathetic, and then some."

... BYU has always been an innovator in football. Just look at what we are doing with the kicking game: North Carolina's Hawk22: "WOW! That was one nasty hit by the BYU kicker on the kick-off. Anyone else see that?" Winagain replies, "Yeah hawk, I saw that hit... boy was that ugly. GT now down 21-13 with 11:08 left in the 4th." Do you think Bronco could use another linebacker… you know the one with the Kung Fu Kick?

... It appears the CF-16 grassroots are taking hold even among the elite. The Tar Heel's Old Pirate seems to understand loud and clear what truly is good for college football. "When you consider last night and NIU and BYU... it adds to the belief held by many that a national play-off at seasons end is the only way to go." Darn, I'm jealous. Why couldn't we have played Maryland instead? Oh well, I guess I will just have settle for USC next Saturday.

... Question: Is freshman tight end sensation Daniel Coats ready for the big time, or is he a year away? A Wolfpack fan, NCSU164's keen vision not only provides the answer, but understands BYU is a team on its way up: "the (Georgia Tech) 2ndry is so so. Not terrible, but they have gotten beaten on several plays. Both TDs were to the TE. I think he must be a good bit faster than the LBs trying to cover him. It's mainly no pressure on the QB. BYU is a young team...they will be good in the next couple years."

... After going 5-7, one could hardly rely on kudos from the mighty Seminoles, but true professionalism will always be admired. FSU fan james1945 was in awe of our missionary men: "did u notice? The BYU offense was getting to the line of scrimmage with over 15 seconds left on the play clock last night. Most of the time it was around 20 seconds when the QB got under center. Can our coaches do the same for Rix tomorrow so that he'll have time to look over the defense?" Hey, someone forgot to inform ole' 1945 about MST (Mormon Standard Time). Better yet, tell Rix to forget the huddle, didn't you know that Arena football is all the rage.

... Up and comer Wake Forest runs a 3-3-5, so you can understand the bias in InnocentB's rebuttal to a fellow fans denigration of BYU: "Offensively, they are not all that. Defensively, they are all that. If GT doesn't block a PUNT, BYU keeps them out of the end zone for the entire game, and wins 24-6." Well don't hold back InnocentB, let everyone know. BYU IS ALL THAT!

... Our recruiting efforts aren't lost on the big boys of football. Oklahoma's InTheRedZone sharing a little Poly envy with a friend says, "Ofa Mohetau starting for BYU: I noticed the huge 6-3, 350 pound Mohetau that the Sooners recruited out of Euless, Texas, is starting in the OL for BYU." Well guess what ITRZ? So did everyone in LES, welcome to the party.

... Maybe I am beginning to understand why Oklahoma won't play us a home and home. Can you see a pattern here folks? LoneStarSooner (a contradiction in terms) replies to his buddy ITRZ, "Ofa Mohetau starting for BYU: There is also another player for BYU that we recruited, but did not offer -- TE Daniel Coats. He looks pretty good...we must be awfully confident in James Moses and Co." Yeah, right. Let's see: Jr tight end J. Moses vs. North Texas: three receptions for 30 yards, no scores. Fr tight end D. Coates vs. Georgia Tech: six receptions for 93 yards and two TDs. Will the real future Pro Bowler please stand up?

... True to form, it seems the PAC-10 fans are more preoccupied with BYU's religious affiliation than whether the Cougars can bring it or not. Washington State's kjstoph1: "An additional year is granted for church-related missions... it is commonly referred to as the "BYU Rule". I can recall a couple years back, a pretty decent Boise State basketball player was assigned a church mission IN BOISE - so he basically continued to work out with the team when he wasn't knocking on doors. That wasn't looked upon favorably by the NCAA - it would be like all the BYU guys having Provo as their 'mission field'." Eh, sure, and I was called to serve in the Duke Kahanamoku Waimea Bay Mission, where I was able to hone my "Ollie off 25 foot backside glass" skills when I wasn't knocking on doors. Take a word of advice KJ, the quote below, yeah, the one you use for your moniker when posting. Please, read what it SAYS! "I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use." - Galileo Galilei

... Any love from the SEC powerhouse teams? Don't think so, but one can always hope. Bama's tider72 likes to reminisce about the past. "Watching BYU last night, I was reminded of '98... when we brought in Charlie "chuck-n-duck" Stubbs. When they faced a 3rd and 1 in the first qtr, and lined up in a shotgun with 4-wide, I had a cold shudder and had to thank my lucky stars I won't be forced to watch us line up with 4 or 5 wide on 3rd and 1... I think we dodged a bullet, thanks to Arety's."Well, while we are reminiscing about the past, which would you prefer, "chuck-n-duck" or "fake finals or flunk?" Hey, don't be picky, both seemed to have been successful getting the boys into the NFL, just some of triple F guys won't get to have any of those cool jobs after their NFL career or lack of one is over. Seeing the definite gangsta flava that seems to permeate SEC air, those bullet-dodging skills may come in handy.

... Hindsight is always 20/20, but I find it hard to sympathize with Auburn's AUTigerNMemphis as he puts both of his left feet into his mouth with this precious pearl, "As expected, BYU/GT very sloppy. Does BYU even have an offensive line? It is pathetic!!" Hey Tiger, does Auburn even have an offensive line? USC 23 Auburn 0. Nuff said.

... It is all in the translation. Another Tiger fan FrostyMuggs quipped wildly about the apparent lack of officiating at LES last Thursday, "The ACC refs in the BYU game were TERRIBLE! I believe they called at least 16 penalties on BYU. The last pass interference call was totally pathetic, and really seemed like nothing more than an effort to keep GaTech in the game. Another time they called a very marginal pass interference call that took away an INT by BYU. The crowd was booing, but had it been an SEC crowd that was watching that crap, they would have been up in arms. It was bad, bad, bad. Did I mention that the ACC refs SUCKED!?!?!?!?"

... Here is an SEC fan who has his priorities straight. AtlantaWarEagle may have lost sight of the field, but he is easily forgiven for this gem: "The heck with the game. The BYU coeds they showed… were amazing." Well WarEagle, being married to one since 1989, I can say they are truly amazing. If you are interested, I have two friends I would like you to meet.

... Yes, this space is available for all those who wish to participate, even the Commodores. Eh, no not those Commodores, although I have heard rumors concerning Lionel Ritchie. Vanderbilt faithful ORDore almost seems to be a BYU fan incognito until his last line where he rocks the boat a tad to hard. "BYU is being picked... either 3rd or 4th in the MWC. They'll be a pretty strong offensive team, especially if Whalen is healthy (yes, their starting TB was hurt before the game and didn't play). Berry, their sophomore QB, was the #1 QB prospect in the nation a couple of years ago. He's going to put up serious numbers in his career. However, I think the 3rd and 4th predictions in the MWC will likely be accurate; making them about a 7-5 or 8-4 team overall - in the SEC, that would make them about a 4-8 or 5-7 team." Yeah, kind of like where Vandy envisions itself one of these days. A 5-7 Vanderbilt team would make some seriously headlines in Nashville. That must really hurt to bring in a 4th place MCS team to the all mighty SEC conference and still having to be low man on the totem pole. ORDore, you are all wet.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: BluNotes will be a new weekly feature of bits ‘n pieces found on the web with links to BYU sports.)

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