Cedar HS athlete Mason Fakahua will sign with BYU tomorrow and will get a shot at playing QB for the Cougars

Cedar High School quarterback Mason Fakahua committed to BYU and said that he is excited to get a shot to compete as a quarterback. If he's unable to make the cut as a quarterback, he's a good enough athlete to play multiple positions on the football field. Fakahua also explains what pushed BYU over the top for him.

Cedar High School QB Mason Fakahua committed to BYU as an athlete with a shot at playing quarterback. If Fakahua is able to make the cut at the quarterback position, he’ll be the first Tongan signal caller in the history of BYU to play the quarterback position.

“I committed to BYU for football and went on my official visit last week,” said Fakahua. “That’s all that’s going on right now. I just committed to BYU and it’s been great. I’m excited about my commit.”

He called BYU assistant head coach Ed Lamb, who originally offered him while he was head coach at Southern Utah, to let him know he was going to be a BYU Cougar.

“I called them a few days ago and I spoke with Coach Lamb,” said Fakahua. “He was the one that first offered me while he was at Southern Utah before he went to BYU, so I called him and told him that I’m ready to commit. I’m ready to be a BYU Cougar.”

Fakahua held offers from Utah State, Southern Utah, and Weber State, but once he received his offer from BYU it was something special going back to his childhood years.

“It’s been my dream and I’ve been a BYU fan since I was little and really love BYU because of everything it provides,” said Fakahua. “I’ve had family that went there and I’m just excited to go and play for a school that I love. I’ve followed BYU ever since I was a kid, so when I got the offer from BYU I was really excited. My whole family was excited.”

A gunslinger and mobile quarterback from Cedar High School (UT), Fakahua is being recruited as an athlete. However, he’ll first get a shot at playing quarterback before any final position decision is made.

“Well, I’m being recruited as an athlete,” said Fakahau. “At first I’ll go in as a quarterback and compete at that spot. If that doesn’t work out then I’ll probably move to a linebacker or D-end position or possibly a tight end on offense. I’ll go wherever the coaches need me to go, but, yeah, I’ll go in and compete at the quarterback position first.”

Fakahua will first serve a mission out of high school, but once he returns home he’ll be able to first compete at the quarterback position. If he makes the cut, Fakahau will become the first Tongan quarterback in the history of BYU.

“Yeah, I’ve kind of thought about that and it’s kind of exciting,” said Fakahau. “It’s kind of cool. I think I can bring my athleticism to the position. I’m pretty fast for my size and I can throw the ball pretty well, but yeah I think I’m the first Tongan to be recruited at BYU to play quarterback, which is exciting.”

Fakahua passed for 1,262 yards on 149 passing attempts completing 191 with seven interceptions. He threw for 10 touchdowns while rushing for another four. He averaged 9.6 yards per carry averaging 90 yards per game racking up an additional 778 yards on the ground in 2016.

“Yeah, if I can make a first down or extend the play with my legs I try and do that,” he said. “I’ve got good speed and if the play breaks down I can make a play on the ground with my legs.”

Having made his commitment public just recently, Fakahua gives his thoughts on why he’ll be signing with BYU tomorrow.

“Well, BYU is a special place and you get that feeling when you’re on campus,” Fakahau said. “There’s something special about the coaches and the environment that makes it a different place. The type of coaches that coach there really care for their players and want the best for them above anything else. Then you add the academics, the religious aspect of BYU, and the type of players that are in the program and it’s really hard to beat.”

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