Moorpark (CA) TE Bentley Hanshaw is excited to play for BYU and is eager to prove himself to Ty Detmer and Steve Clark

He had 12 scholarship offers including Utah, Oregon State, Utah State, San Diego State and others from the Mountain West Conference. Today the 6-6, 220-pound tight end Bentley Hanshaw from Moorpark High School signed his National Letter of Intent with BYU and will rep the Y.

There are many reasons why Bentley Hanshaw, the son of former BYU offensive lineman Tim Hanshaw, has decided to sign with BYU. One is he believes the university has the full package.

“I want to sign with BYU because I think it's a place where I can set myself up to be successful in life,” said Hanshaw. “BYU is also the full package for me personally, it's more than just football.”

Like many other recruits echoing the mantra of how special BYU is, Hanshaw feels BYU is a special place that’s hard to describe verbally. It’s a big reason why he chose BYU over 12 other colleges.

It's hard to describe what makes BYU so special, it's kind of something you have to experience for yourself,” said Hanshaw. “The atmosphere there is second to none. BYU football has such a family feel and the team plays for more than just football. They have a deeper meaning which makes the game all that much better.”

Hanshaw recalled a story told to him by his father Tim after his father attended the funeral of former BYU head coach LaVell Edwards. It was a moment that touched Bentley Hanshaw and caused him to think of how special of a place BYU truly is.

“I had a chance to hear about LaVell Edwards’ funeral because my dad played for him and was there,” Hanshaw said. “He told me about how all the people who played for him in the past were still close and how much of an impact it had on their lives. That was like 20 years ago and it still affects him today. I can’t even imagine the impact it will have on me.”

Kalani Sitake now heads the program that LaVell Edwards built. Many of the same characteristics that caused so many of his former players to love LaVell Edwards is embodied in the fabric and soul of Coach Sitake. This is what has drawn so many to BYU including Bentley Hanshaw.

“If you took away the fact that all the coaches were actually coaches and if they were just normal people, I would still enjoy being with them,” Hanshaw said. “I think I would be friends with them. Along with them wanting me to be great on the field they want me to be a great person off the field even more. The first thing Sitake said to me when he did the in-home visit was that he wanted us to know that he was here for me anytime anyplace anywhere. I think that just goes to show how much he cares for all of his players, and I can’t ask to have a better head coach.”

However, Hanshaw’s love for BYU’s coaches doesn’t end there.

“Then we have the Albert Einstein of football, Ty Detmer, calling plays for the team.” said Hanshaw. “And then [Steve] Clark, my position coach, I can already tell will be my dad away from home. He’ll be a huge mentor in my life on and off the field. I think Coach Detmer is one of the smartest football minds out there and I've been told he loves to throw to the tight ends. Lucky me!”

Hanshaw is most excited about playing football at BYU and being with his older brother and sister who currently are attending the school.

“I'm of course excited to do what I love daily and that’s play football and hopefully be able to make an impact on the field,” said Hanshaw. “I'm also excited to meet lots of new people and to be going to school with my older sister and brother. I'm excited playing in big venues and big games and of course to wear those royal blue uniforms. I know that if we make a big play there's fans worldwide cheering for us so I'm excited to work to be a part of something they can cheer for.”

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