Bonita Vista (CA) athlete Keenan Ellis highlighted the environment and coaching staff as reasons he signed with BYU

Bonita Vista (CA) athlete Keenan Ellis (6-2, 170 pounds) talked to TBS about why he’s decided to sign with BYU today. Ellis was open and expressed his thoughts clearly as to what makes BYU a special place to play high caliber football while receiving an outstanding education.

You would have to go back to a time before Keenan Ellis stepped foot on BYU's campus to know why he wanted to come from Southern California to Provo.

“Before I even went on my official visit, BYU's academics, fan base, and football program attracted me,” Ellis said. “The coaches truly care for the players. They are more than a team they are a family.”

Ellis is grateful for Kalani Sitake and BYU for given him what he feels is an amazing life changing opportunity to go further in life than he ever thought possible.

“The school has given me an amazing opportunity, words can't even express how thankful I am,” Ellis said. “While on my official visit, I learned that by my junior year the players receive multiple internships that will help them gain job experience in whatever career they want to pursue.

“With the knowledge of that, and BYU's supportive football staff and players, I put my full trust into the program to help me succeed on and off the field. BYU already feels like home.”

While on his official visit, Ellis experienced BYU’s legendary environment that’s not found at any other college. It’s a feeling he got while on campus echoed by many who visit that’s hard to explain.

“It is very unique, it's something you can't describe,” said Ellis. “It's an amazing feeling that you can only feel when you're actually there. It's so different from hearing about it and then actually being around it. I was in Provo for three days and I honestly felt like it was home for me.”

Feeling at home is half the battle when it comes to reeling in the recruits, and the environment at BYU, coupled with the caliber of coaches and supporting staff, provides a unique feeling of familiarity that’s hard to explain. Simply put it’s a feeling of home that brings the players over.

“The students and fans there welcomed me with great respect,” Ellis said. “The football team welcomed me into the brotherhood; the coaches treated the players and recruits like family. It's just an awesome feeling!”

When it comes to BYU’s new coaching staff led by head coach Kalani Sitake, Ellis loves the closeness the coaching staff provides as coaches and mentors.

“There's an open door policy, I feel comfortable there,” he said. “The coaches love the players. The focus is not only on making the athletes a better player, but it's also on helping them getting a career.”

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