BYU recently extended and offer to 2019 Carslbad HS (CA) WR/DB prospect Jacob "Asa" Turner. He's happy that it's his first offer

The BYU Cougars, under head coach Kalani Sitake, pulled in an outstanding 2017 signing class. However, the staff continues to push forward by evaluating and offering future prospects they believe will bolster the program down the road. The recently extended an offer to one such prospect from Carlsbad, California.

Having lived in Hawai'i for 12 years, Jacob Asa Turner recently moved to Carlsbad, California, where he plays wide receiver and safety as a 6-4, 190-pound athlete for Carlsbad High School.

"We moved a lot but I mostly lived in Mililani on Oahu," said Turner. "I lived in Hawai'i pretty much my whole life before I moved here to Cali about a year ago. I'm fitting in pretty much now but at first it was pretty hard. I'm getting used to it now.

"Mostly my whole life I've been playing wide receiver and have a natural feel for catching the ball. When I run routes and catch the ball it feels like no one is covering me. This is also my first year of playing safety so I'm still trying to adjust and get a feel for defense."

A high school sophomore and member of the 2019 recruiting class, Turner recently received his first scholarship offer from the world's largest private university when BYU extended him an offer.

"I'm super happy," said Turner. "I got a call from this recruiting website called Level Up, and they helped me get an offer from BYU. They sent out my film to them and then I got a message from one of the coaches from BYU and I called them up. He let me know that they wanted to offer me.

"The coach that I spoke to was Coach Ofahengaue. He's the Director of Recruiting Operations and he's the one that offered me when I called him up. He said that they could see potential in me and how it's always hard to get that first offer. He said they see potential in me and that there is something here."

Even after speaking with Tevita Ofahengaue, Turner still found it hard to believe he had received an offer from BYU. The shock from the reality of what had just happened didn't settle in until later.

"I didn't believe it at first and it took me a few hours to believe that it was even true," said Turner. "I didn't even tell my mom because I couldn't even believe it myself so I didn't want her to know about it. I kind of like shut down, well, not shut down but I didn't have any words to say. My coach called me to tell me that it was a legit offer at school. I was super happy."

Confirmation that BYU truly had offered him came by way of his head coach. Now Turner can enjoy the moment knowing he has a full ride scholarship from BYU.

"My coach, Coach Mack, has known BYU's head coach for about 15 years," said Turner. "He let me know that it was legit and that everything is serious.

"All this work that I've put in with early morning and late nights has all paid off. Rather than go out with my friends I've been dedicated and working. I'm working for my family to honor them."

Turner has heard about BYU’s football program but is determined to learn more about the school and its football program.

"I have some homework to do for sure, but I know BYU is a Mormon school and they have a good business program there," Turner said. "He said if I'm interested in business it's a good choice. My dad was telling me they've won National Championships there and it's a huge blessing that I got a scholarship from them."

Rather than celebrate his first scholarship offer openly, Turner is going to take a more reserved approach to this his life changing circumstance.  

"I'll probably just keep it close to my family and try and stay humble about it," Turner said.

He does, however, have a desire to visit Provo, Utah to see firsthand BYU's campus and facilities and get to know the coaching staff better by taking an unofficial visit in the near future.

"I want to go out there for an unofficial visit," said Turner. "I was thinking of just coming out and seeing how it is out there. I don't know when but I want to go out there and check it out."

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