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BYU has extended an offer to Hebron HS wide receiver Trejan Bridges after he was introduced to BYU by former Cougar Margin Hooks

BYU has become the first to offer Trejan Bridges, a wide receiver from Hebron High School located in Carrollton, Texas. BYU first learned of Bridges from a former player, Margin Hooks, who also turned BYU on to current Cougar receiver Akile Davis.

Former BYU wide receiver great Margin Hooks runs an elite training camp called “The Sky’s the Limit” located in Texas. Hooks has turned BYU's coach staff on to one of his current charges in Trejan Bridges.

“It first started off when I started training with Coach Margin Hooks,” said Bridges. “He actually graduated from BYU. He sent my film out to [Ben] Cahoon at BYU, and that’s kind of how it all started. I called Coach Cahoon one night and we talked about football and things. I then called him this one night and he told me, ‘They gave me the thumbs up.’ I was super excited because he told me that they offered me and had the opportunity for me.”

Hooks expressed to Bridges that he felt BYU would be a good place for him as a student-athlete because the focus is developing the whole person in all facets of life.

“He told me it was a great school and that I would love it out there,” Bridges said. “He said it would just make me a better football player, but by the time I leave there I would leave a better person overall.”

A member of the 2019 recruiting class, Bridges feels he would like to get more out of a college than just athletic development. He’s looking for a college and program that will provide him with life skills long after he leaves the halls of the campus.

“Me personally, I do believe if colleges are only going to develop me as a good player- and not provide me with anything else in life- then I don’t think I got the most out of my scholarship. If I stopped playing football, say after I leave BYU, living on my own is a big step in life. I want to leave a college being able to be more than just a football player, so that way when football is no longer here for me I can stand on my own.”

A wide receiver possessing glowing confidence in his abilities, Bridges makes no apologies. When he steps out onto the field he believes he’s the best player on the gridiron.

“I’m not going to say I’m cocky but I have great self-esteem, and I have great confidence in myself,” said Bridges. “To play receiver you have to have that great motor and that ego and determination. I don’t think a lot of receivers can compete with me in having that mindset.

“I feel that I’m probably one of the better players in the country. I’m really athletic and I play basketball and I’m always watching film. I watch college receivers and even players in high school now trying to figure out what I can do as a better player. I try to figure out what I can do at the top of my routes, what I can do to get this defender off of his feet, and what can I do to get open? I’m tall around 6-2 and I’m up there in speed. I have a great stride and a good ability to go up and get the ball. I’m able to get open.”

The offer from BYU is Bridges’ first FBS offer. He has plans to unofficially visit BYU sometime soon to check out the campus and get a better idea of what opportunities his scholarship offer holds.

“BYU is my first offer and I want to check things out,” said Bridges. “I’ve been in contact with Coach Cahoon and want to visit BYU. They’re going to have me come out there and check things out after all the signing day stuff and everything settles down. We’ll see when that is though, but I do want to go out there soon and see everything.”

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