Tyler Manoa (Brandon Huffman)

Mountain View (CA) DL Tyler Manoa recently opened up his recruitment after being committed to BYU and explains why he did so

BYU was the first to evaluate and offer 6-4, 290-pound defensive tackle prospect Tyler Manoa from Mountain View, California, and upon receiving the offer from the Cougar coaching staff he quickly committed. Now Manoa wants to make sure his initial commitment to BYU was the right one and has opened up his recruitment.

Last June, Tyler Manoa made verbal pledge to be a BYU Cougar. He committed to BYU despite, at that time, having two seasons of high school football to play, and after thinking it over committed to Kalani Sitake.

“I went to lunch and really thought about it,” Manoa said in a previous interview. “I talked to my brother and my dad and felt like BYU was the place for me. So, I committed to play for BYU. I went through a workout and then after about an hour I located Coach Sitake and that’s when I told him I was committing.”

Fast forward to earlier this week and Manoa has announced through social media that he's opening up his recruitment once again. However, this does not mean BYU is out of the picture.

"I just felt like I wanted to be honest and I talked to my family," said Manoa. "I've been talking to a few coaches and I wanted to see where it takes me. That was my main reason why and I just wanted to be honest with BYU. I'm not counting BYU out and just want to see what other schools have to offer. That's the only reason why I opened up my recruiting process."

In looking back at how he announced his decision, Manoa feels he probably should have informed BYU's coaches first prior to announcing his decision publicly through Twitter. He has since spoken with BYU defensive coordinator Ilaisa Tuiaki on the phone and expressed his feelings, to which he found a supportive and sympathetic ear.  

"I didn't call them and probably should have done it the correct way," Manoa admitted. "I did talk with Coach Tuiaki and told him what I was feeling. He was totally understanding and supportive of how I felt.

"It was just a quick conversation to understand my decision. He said he found out through Twitter and was saying that they're going to recruit me the same way. I'm just being open minded now but I'm going to keep in touch with them. That's what he said was for me to keep in touch with them. It was a quick conversation."

While Manoa has spoken with Coach Tuiaki there is one person he has yet to speak with, and that's BYU defensive lineman Handsome Tanielu, who's sister is married to Manoa's brother.

"No, I haven't talked to him about it yet," Manoa said. "I'm sure he'll be surprised. I'll see him in the summer because I might go up there, and I'm sure he'll have a lot of questions for me. He's a great guy. I haven't heard from him yet but I'm sure I will."

When Manoa was first offered by BYU he was full of excitement. With new attention from college recruiters he now wants to make sure his initial commitment to BYU is the right one.

"BYU was the first college to offer me," Manoa said. "I'm not counting them out and just want to take every school into consideration and really think about it. I'm going to be spending four years of my life at a college and want to make sure that it's the right place for me. BYU was the first school to show me love and so I'm going to show them love back. BYU is going to be among my tops and one of my big considerations. I just want to make sure."

Besides BYU there are three colleges that have thrown their hat into the scholarship ring so far.

"Arizona offered me and San Jose State offered me a few weeks ago," Manoa said. "Coach Powell of Utah offered me as well, so I have a few offers right now. A few coaches wanted to see my transcripts but nothing really serious."

With new options Manoa has opened up the recruiting process in an effort to make sure BYU is the right place for him. While committed he mentioned that BYU had been treating him well and is in no way counting them out.

"Oh yeah, definitely!" said Manoa. "BYU has been treating well and they would send me little messages every week and edits every week. Yeah, they've been treating me well. Like I said, I'm not counting them out and just want to make sure I'll make the right decision."

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