Williams Field HS (AZ) athlete Mark McMillian Jr. is extremely impressed with BYU and says he really likes the vibe around the program

Looking at some of the top wide receivers the BYU staff is targeting for the 2018 class, Mark McMillian Jr. is among that that group. BYU will look to take two or three receivers in the 2018 class and McMillian Jr. is one player Ty Detmer is recruiting to play in his offense.

BYU's coaching staff is high on Arizona prep wide receiver Mark McMillian Jr., who is taking a very close look at the BYU Cougars.

"Things are going great and all the coaches have been reaching out to me and even a couple of the players reached out to me a couple of times," said McMillian. "I've been talking to all the 2018 recruits, all the top guys. I even met a couple of them at the Army All-American combine and everybody seems to get along with each other. We all seem to gel and be an overall good fit."

McMillian, who is prepping at Williams Field High School in Gilbert, AZ, primarily speaks with BYU offensive coordinator Ty Detmer and cornerbacks coach Jernaro Gilford. His relationship with Coach Detmer is very close.

"I mostly speak with Ty Detmer or Coach Gilford," said McMillian. "Ty is a legend and everything he says has a purpose to it. He's straight up with you and he's 100-percent honest with you. Being recruited by a Heisman Trophy winner is unbelievable. Being recruited by somebody from that stature, where I'm trying to be at, will sit there and talk with me and contact me and show interest in my capabilities is just a cool thing."

Detmer was a 14 year veteran in the NFL and mentored quarterbacks such as Brett Favre and Michael Vick, among others. McMillian admits that being recruited by someone with accomplishments that Ty Detmer has achieved can leave him a bit star struck at times.

"It's kind of nerve-wracking," said McMillian. "I do get a little nervous when he talks to me because he's a legend. He's not just your ordinary coach who loves football. That's a guy that lives, breathes, and sleeps football who's been the best, so it can be a little nerve-wracking talking to a guy like that because of who he is."

However, McMillian is often quickly reminded how approachable and down to earth Coach Detmer is when they converse.

"Yeah, he doesn't act like someone who has accomplished what he's done," said McMillian. "He's just normal guy who is down to earth and that's what I really like about him. He'll ask me to talk about anything. We'll talk about whatever is on my mind like how school is going, what I'm looking at, what my schedule is like, or what my grades are like."

McMillian believes that BYU is on the right track and that once the program contains the type of players the coaches want for their schemes, the sky will be the limit for BYU.

"If BYU can put up those kind of points against some of the top teams in the country, then the potential of this program is sky high," said McMillian. "If last season is the beginning of what they can do in the first year of this new coaching staff then the limit is sky high once they get their players in place. Whenever I talk to top recruits BYU always comes up. Whenever I go back and forth with these guys about recruiting BYU always comes up as one of their top schools. Hearing some of the elite guys across the nation mention BYU as one of the schools their looking at shows you that their doing amazing things."

McMillian has already been on BYU's campus for an unofficial visit last October. While in Provo, he enjoyed the surrounding area, mingling with the coaches, and seeing all the memorabilia found in Legends Hall in BYU’s Student-Athlete Building.

"When I took my unofficial visit to BYU they took me to some of the facilities, and they showed me [Coach Detmer’s] retired jersey and all the trophies in there," said McMillian. "You know, at the same time he's not just your ordinary BYU player or fan. That's somebody that has gone down in history and will stay in history forever.

"The city of Provo is amazing and how the landscape is. Coach Sitake is a great coach and done an amazing job so far. In his first year he's completely turned that program around and next year their season-opener is LSU. They go up against some of the toughest teams in the some of the strongest conferences in the country, so they're going after guys they believe can beat the LSU's, Mississippi State's, and Utah's. They're out recruiting guys they feel can beat teams like those, so BYU will play anybody and aren't afraid to do so."

As good as the 2017 signing class was for BYU, the 2018 recruiting class is loaded with top talent for BYU. BYU dominated in the state of Utah this past year, signing all but two of the top prospects that elected to go out of state and one, Mata Hola, who signed with Utah State. BYU is poised to once again dominate the recruiting scene and if McMillian chooses to go to BYU he wants to make sure the class is outstanding.

"I've been invited to come to their camps, and I've been invited to come to their campus whenever," said McMillian. "I've talked to a lot of the players and a lot of the coaches. I have a couple of guys from Camp 29, which is a training that we do out here in Arizona, are going to come with me on a visit. I have a lot of top guys from Arizona and the west coast period that are going to come out to BYU."

McMillian has also spoken with top athletes out of California about visiting BYU with him as well.

"I have top guys even from Proway out in California, which is an elite seven-on-seven passing league that are going to come out to BYU to check things out with me," McMillian said. "I'm just trying to get as many guys that I can that I know to BYU with me. I don't really have a powerhouse school right now, so if I have an opportunity to go to a program like BYU I'll take it. At the same time I'm going to make sure that I'm in a really good recruiting class and that we're in a situation to succeed."

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