Ricky Wolfgramm became the latest eight grade prospect to be offered by the BYU Cougars and is excited that he has the offer in-hand

The BYU coaching staff is hard at work evaluating future BYU football prospects. The Cougar staff have offered a select few who have yet to enter high school. One such prospect is 6-1, 195-pound eighth grade defensive end Ricky Wolfgramm, who averaged three tackles for loss and a sack per game last season. For Wolfgramm the future is very bright.

The group of prospects who can claim to have received a BYU scholarship offer prior to entering high school is very small. They include linebacker Miki Ah You, running back Kendall Milton, offensive lineman Sione Lolohea, linebacker Raider Damuni, and defensive tackle Paul Finau, who was offered by Coach Mendenhall years ago. Now Rick Wolfgramm enters this elite group to have received a scholarship offer from the BYU Cougars.

“I was weight lifting when my dad got a phone call,” said an excited Ricky Wolfgramm. “I spoke to BYU on the phone and that’s when they offered me.”

Ricky Wolfgramm was in the middle of weight training with his coach Kenny Golladay when his father Karl received a phone call from BYU defensive coordinator Ilaisa Tuiaki. After speaking with his Karl, Coach Tuiaki asked that the phone be placed on speaker so his son Ricky could hear the exciting news.

“He called me first and asked if Ricky was with me and I said, ‘Yes, we are lifting weights,’” said Ricky’s father Karl. “And he asked to put it on speaker phone because he wanted to talk to both of us and mainly Ricky.”

With the phone placed on speaker, Ricky Wolfgramm listened intently as Coach Tuiaki gave him the exciting news that he had received his first scholarship offer from the BYU Cougars.

“It was Coach Tuiaki who offered me,” said the young Ricky Wolfgramm. “I was really excited and was really surprised!”

At first Ricky Wolfgramm thought what he was hearing was some elaborate joke being played on him. However, after listening to Coach Tuiaki speak for some time, Wolfgramm realized it wasn’t a joke at all and that he was truly being offered a scholarship.

“Well, at first I thought he was just kidding,” Wolfgramm said with a chuckle in his voice. “That’s kind of what I was thinking. Then he just kept talking and kept bring up that I had a scholarship from BYU. That’s when I started to think it was real.”

Understanding there are many years left of prep football to be played and work in the classroom to be done, Coach Tuiaki counselled Ricky Wolfgramm to live up to the offer extended to him four years from now.

“After he offered me he just told me that there were things I needed to do,” recalled Wolfgramm. “He said that I have to make sure I keep my grades up and stay focused with my grades. He said I need to be around people who are focused instead of not being focused with their grades, and to always do the right things.”

Coach Kenny Golladay has taken the opportunity to further enlighten his group of young lifters by explaining to them the importance of receiving an education. He explained to Ricky and those with him the full extent of what just occurred.

“Our weight lifting instructor gave us a little pep talk about BYU’s tuition and how they compared with Utah,” said Ricky Wolfgramm. “I really liked it a lot. BYU is also more strict with the evaluation process in how they accept kids into their school. It was a good lesson for me to hear.”

Ricky Wolfgramm has his eyes focused on the future. He will first trade in his helmet and pads for a white shirt and tie and follow in the footsteps of his father Karl and serve an LDS mission when he comes of age.

“Yes, I’ve thought about serving a mission and that’s something I think I want to do,” said Wolfgramm. “That’s something I want to do.”

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