2021 class athlete Logan Fano has decided that BYU is the place for him years in advance of when he will actually play there

BYU’s coaching staff received their second commit of the 2021 recruiting class in defensive end Logan Fano. Fano joins a small group of eighth graders to have received a scholarship offer from BYU and is the second to commit to Kalani Sitake.

When the Fano family was asked to come down to BYU last week, Logan Fano was wondering what the call was all about. He was nervous but at the same time anticipation as to what the nature of the meeting was all about gave him a sense of excitement as well.

“I was actually super nervous,” said Fano with a laugh. “I was just thinking I wanted an offer but at the same time I didn’t want this to be a meeting where they say, ‘Yeah, we’re looking at you so keep up the good work.’ For me, at first I was nervous just because I was going to talk to the head coach from a D1 program let alone BYU, but at the same time I was hoping they were going to offer me.”

And that’s exactly what Coach Sitake did last Thursday.

“BYU offered me last Thursday,” said Logan Fano, still excited about what occurred. “I went to Coach Sitake’s office and talked with him and [Tevita Ofahengaue]. Coach Sitake talked to me about obedience, family and the program at BYU. Then he offered me. I was really impressed and my family was really impressed.”

The BYU coaching staff is projecting Fano to play defensive end by the time he arrives at BYU.

“I play D-end,” Fano said. “I feel like my strengths comes from my speed. In the sixth grade I played running back and linebacker and can get past tackles using my speed, so now I’m a little bigger and still use my speed to beat other players.”

Height-wise Fano as an eighth grader is already pushing the same stature as many high school defensive linemen. In time his Polynesian genes will kick in and fill out his frame. At least that is what BYU’s coaches are banking on.

“I’m 6-1 and almost 6-2 and right now weigh 190-pounds,” said Fano. “I actually talked to [Coach Sitake] about playing D-end when I get to BYU, so they’re going to have me do that.”

With four years of high school football left to play and two years of serving a LDS mission planned ahead of him, Fano has the next six years of his life already planned out.

“Well, now that I’ve committed to BYU and just have to focus on high school next year I’m just extremely blessed and honored,’ Fano said. “It really is cereal for me. It’s super cool!”  

When it comes to evaluating talent and extending early offers, BYU’s coaching staff is ahead of the curve, leaving other programs to catch up. The staff has received commits from sophomore prospects only to have many Pac-12 and other P5 programs come calling later. With four years of high school still ahead of him at Maple Mountain High School (UT), Fano said it doesn’t matter if USC, Alabama, Utah, Washington, or Stanford comes calling. BYU is where he wants to sign four years from now.

“For me none of that really matters,” Fano said. “BYU is the ultimate place for me because it is close and my family can come watch me play. Also I can pray in class and I can talk about religious topics with my teachers and classmates openly and not worry about what people think. BYU is also my grandfather and my dad’s dream school. For me choosing BYU is the ultimate choice so none of those schools matter to me.”

Fano joins Raider Damuni as the first two players in the class of 2021, and first two in the history of BYU’s football program, to commit as eighth graders.

“I know Raider really well and we’re like best friends,” said Fano. “I’ve known Raider ever since he first moved here. We’ve been really close friends and it’s really cool that we’ve both been offered and committed to BYU.”

After receiving the offer from Coach Sitake, Fano was in the hallway talking with his best friend Raider Damuni about what just occurred when he decided to commit.

“I actually left Coach Sitake’s office for a little bit and was talking with Raider in the hallway for a little bit,” said Fano. “Then my mom came by and asked me, ‘Are you going to commit?’ I was like, ‘Yeah, but I don’t know how.’ So, she pulled me out into the hall and I was talking to Jasen Ah You. I asked him how to commit and then he took me back to the office and said, ‘Just tell coach.’ That’s when I committed to Kalani and he was like, ‘Heck yeah! Welcome to the family!’”

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