Jesiah Irish (Brandon Huffman)

BYU has extended a offer to 2018 class WR Jesiah Irish from Mount Si High School and he says BYU will be one of his top schools

BYU has extended an offer to Mount Si High School wide receiver/cornerback Jesiah Irish. A member of the 2018 recruiting class, Irish is an underrated three star prospect from the state of Washington but Jernaro Gilford saw something in him and extended an offer.

Three-star wide receiver Jesiah Irish (Snoqualmie, WA) recently received his first FBS scholarship from the BYU Cougars. The offer came by way of BYU cornerbacks coach Jernaro Gilford, who spent some time over social media getting to know Irish.

“I was talking to Coach Gilford, the cornerback coach, and he was a pretty cool guy,” said Irish. “He was trying to get to know me over the first couple of days over social media. A couple of days after, I spoke to him and he [explained the honor code] that’s at BYU.”

However, the news of Irish’s offer wasn’t given to him first. Rather, his mother, Naomi, was given the news first that her son had received a BYU scholarship offer.

“It was a really cool experience because Coach Gilford spoke to my mother and offered her first,” said Irish. “That was something my mom really liked. Then he spoke to me and offered me, which was pretty cool. He said he’s going to come down in April and further talk to me about BYU and kind of what BYU is all about. It was a really cool experience.”

Upon hearing the news, Naomi was excited for her son, who was patiently waiting to know what the conversation was all about.

“She was really happy and thought it was really classy that they called her and talked to her first to give her the good news,” said Irish. “She was really happy with that because she knows BYU is a good school. She was really excited.”

After Naomi Irish finished speaking with Coach Gilford, it was Jesiah’s turn. The news caught him off-guard.

“She kind of went to her own room and spoke to him along, so when he [told me about the offer] it kind of caught me off-guard,” said Irish. “I was really excited when he gave me the news. It was very exciting and kind of a sigh of relief because of all the hard work that I’ve put in. It’s all starting to pay off now and something to cherish with my family. When it comes time down the road, BYU will definitely be one of my top choices for picking schools during my senior year. Getting the offer from BYU was a really cool experience.”

The BYU honor code that Coach Gilford spoke to Jesiah about was a topic that, for Irish, wasn’t controversial. The Irish family believes in living and conducting their lives along moral guidelines.

“My family always tries to put into me and my little brother the same kind of code that they represent there at BYU,” said Irish. “It’s nothing that would change my personality going there or definitely considering as an option. It was a cool experience and my family believes in the same things, so it wouldn’t be too hard of a transition for me if I decide to go there.

“BYU is a lot different than those other campuses. Now-a-days you see a lot of bad conduct on college campuses. I know my parents like the honor code at BYU and they definitely like that because it’s there to keep you in line and focused.”

When it comes to the football field, Irish has played varying positions for Mount Si High School and excelled at each. He’s a bright young man who learned that there was crossover information that could aid him while playing different positions.

“My freshman and sophomore years I played quarterback and got a feel for what the receivers like and what not to do as a wide receiver, so it was an easy transition through my sophomore summer going into my junior year,” said Irish. “Then I started playing wide receiver and kind of fell into the route tree and knew every route. It was a real easy transition for me.

“Then being a cornerback it was easy for me knowing where the wide receiver wants to plant, because I played quarterback and kind of know the ticks that are played. It kind of goes hand-in-hand playing wide receiver and cornerback, and I feel like playing both are a natural position for me. As a wide receiver I’m really good at taking the top off the defense with my speed and quickness. At cornerback I’m really good at tracking the ball in the air and knowing when the receiver is going to break down and lower the hit. I kind of feel I have the complete package.”

Irish self-reports his forty times are in the 4.4 second range.

“I ran a laser time this summer and it was a 4.4 and then I ran a hand time and it was a 4.3,” said Irish.

While football is his primary sport Irish doesn’t just play football. During the summer periods he’s involved with baseball, where he’s able to use his athleticism and speed in tracking down fly balls.

“I also play baseball and that takes up a lot of my time being active when I’m not playing football,” said Irish. “I’m a center fielder and like to track down those balls in the field. I’m also a pitcher.”

Currently with two offers from BYU and Montana State, Irish has a strong desire to take an unofficial visit to Provo to learn more about the school and football program.

“Yeah, so I think I definitely want to take an unofficial down to BYU probably during the spring or summer,” said Irish. “I’ll talk to Coach Gilford more when he comes up in April. I’m also going to take an unofficial to [Washington] and that will be pretty fun. I want to take a peek and get a feel for the facilities that BYU has and get to know the coaching staff better. I just want to check things out further to better know what BYU is all about. BYU is definitely an appealing school.”

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