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Day one of BYU's spring camp featured Tanner Mangum's debut as BYU's undisputed starting quarterback and he's ready for the spotlight

Day one of spring camp for BYU in 2017 saw BYU's offense ahead of where they were in 2016 and offensive coordinator Ty Detmer was pleased with the effort level. Tanner Mangum is BYU's undisputed starting quarterback and he said he is ready for the challenge and Detmer added you can see his confidence and leadership on the field.

The BYU Cougars started off day one of spring camp with excitement and a lot of enthusiasm, which caused the offense to practice faster than BYU offensive Ty Detmer was anticipating. In fact the offense went too fast for Detmer on day one.

“A lot of the guys are going fast about it,” said Detmer. “Going too fast at times, so we just gotta clean up the film and kind of slow them down and allow them to play under control and detail the little things.”

“It was fun,” BYU quarterback Tanner Mangum said. “I think everyone is excited. It’s always a fun time to come back and put the helmets on and play football again.”

Coach Detmer indicated that the early start to spring practices are a good thing and that he’s looking ahead, not behind.

“What are we going to do sit around and watch more film from last year?” Detmer said. “It’s time to get going for next year, so I like starting early as we can and getting into it.”

This time last year the offense was being installed and the entire team was learning a new scheme, so there was more confusion and learning going on. In comparison to last spring, this spring is much different in regards to what Detmer wants to run. Tanner Mangum said that he’s glad the team is ahead of the curve this spring.

“It’s the first day so we’re still learning a lot, but we’re way ahead than where we were last year,” said Tanner Mangum. “You know, first day last year we were just installing everything. It was a fresh start. Now we have a year under our belts. Everyone kind of knows what their job is and have the plays down so now we’re starting way ahead, which is good. There is still a lot to work on but it’s been a good start.”

Coach Detmer has been tweaking his offense to fit the strengths of Tanner Mangum rather than Taysom Hill this year. The result will be more of a more pass-oriented offense with Mangum at the helm.

“Taysom [Hill] had quit a few carries,” Detmer said concerning last year’s offensive output. “At the end of the year when you look at the numbers he ran the ball for us quite a few times. You don’t expect that from Tanner to have that many carries, so we’ll do things a little bit differently and tweak our schemes a little bit where in the zone schemes we had Taysom coming out the back side and had to hold people. We’ll constantly tweak how we block things and protect our edges and be more of a RPO (run-pass option) team rather than a run, run team.”

Coach Detmer was pleased with Tanner Mangum’s first day of spring camp. Detmer noted that Mangum had a better understanding of the offense and was playing within it’s bounds.

“He was under control and he saw things,” said Detmer. “This time last year he had no idea where guys were lining up, and so he had much greater control of the offense lining guys up and communicating really clear. The throws and all that, he’s always going to make the throws. We were happy with the first day and now it’s moving forward and continue adding as we go.”

“We have a long time to get better before the season starts, so I’m just excited and heavily motivated and really focused in getting better,” said Mangum. “Not only myself but the entire offense. We had a really good season this past year and we’re looking to build off of that.”

This year Mangum knows this is his team and according to Detmer the junior has taken command. No longer is Mangum on the sidelines in a supporting role or looking over his shoulder. Mangum is now the head of Ty Detmer’s offense and relishes his new role.

“It helps with your confidence knowing that you’re going to get the majority of the reps,” said Mangum. “That’s what helps with confidence is practice and repetitions making sure you’re getting all the reps you can get. It feels good coming out here and getting started. I’m just excited and heavily motivated.”

“He’s a totally different person this year,” said Detmer. “You can see the confidence level of him taking charge, and controlling the huddle, moving guys around at the line of scrimmage, and making sure they’re lined up right,” said Detmer. “It’s a totally different mentality and one he’s embraced and really enjoys that part of it.”

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