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BYU senior defensive lineman Handsome Tanielu is ready to breka out and enjoy a big senior season as a Cougar

In his inaugural year as a division one player, Handsome Tanielu's season wasn't what he had hoped due to a nagging injury. Tanielu talked earlier this week about his preseason preparation, spring camp, and shared some thoughts on other players who are returning along the defensive line.

Handsome Tanielu looks to leave it all on the field and be a force to be reckoned with in his senior season as a BYU Cougar. In order to accomplish this preparation must be done to maximize his talents and potential. That preparation began for Tanielu before spring camp started.

"We just worked out every day and our strength and conditioning coaches really worked us hard," said Tanielu. "The off-season was a focus on getting us ready for spring camp. It wasn't meant to get us ready for gameday shape, but more to get us ready for spring camp so we could perform and build upon for spring.

"We did our individual stuff too because the coaches can't coach us in the off-season. They're not allowed to, but when we had some time we would bring out some of the younger guys and work with them on our drills and things like that."

Now fully immersed in spring camp, Tanielu looks to take that preparation and add on it in order to prepare himself for fall camp and the 2017 season. He's already looking ahead by focusing on the now.

"Early in spring camp we're just trying to make sure we work on our fundamentals and master our techniques," said Tanielu. "This time is to really help us prepare for fall. This really is the time to help us prepare for fall so we're working on all the fundamentals right now."

Spring camp started off lightning fast. The players were excited and eager to get going and the coaches facilitated that by allowing the team to jump right in with team drills.

"We've been doing 11 on 11 team drills where we go up against each other and run plays," said Tanielu. "That's kind of what we've been doing and it really gets physical and the blood going. We get to get right into it and let it all out and get some angry people out there. We like to start off fast and self control and discipline."

There are some newcomers to the Cougar program that were highly recruited at one time or another. Tanielu feels they've had a good start to spring camp thus far and feels the future is bright.

"Overall we've got Ula Tolutau, Joe Tukuafu, Earl Mariner, and A.J. Lolohea coming back off missions and joining the program," said Tanielu. "Then there is Oregon transfer Wayne Kirby. These guys are looking really good. I think this year is going to be really, really fun for us because of a lot of these guys coming in."

Across the defensive line, the Cougars will have a lot of returning experience. There will be a mix of newcomers and elder statesmen.

"We've got most of our guys coming back, ," said Tanielu. "There's me and Kesni Tausinga, Moses Kaumatule, Tevita Mounga, Corbin Kaufusi, Uriah Leiataua, Meti Taliauli who is hurt right now but he'll be back, and then Tomasi Laulile. Then there is Solomone Wolfgramm who was first a tight end but switched to defense. He will be back and is looking good too. So, I'm excited and think we'll be pretty good up front because we have a lot of experience. It's going to be a good group."

One player who has yet to be seen on the practice field is Motekiai Langi who is enrolled at BYU but hasn't been out on the practice field as of yet.

"Yeah, I don't know and I haven't seen him out here yet," said Tanielu. "Hopefully he gets out here because he's a big body.”

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