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It's game day against the mighty Trojans of USC and <b></b> tackles some questions inquiring BYU minds want answers to.

I heard that Matt Berry is doubtful for the game against USC. Is this true?

No truth to this rumor whatsoever.

What are the overall feelings of the players going into the USC game? Is there a ‘nothing to lose' attitude or is the team a bit scared?

The team is definitely NOT scared or intimidated. They believe they can compete with USC and are anxious to prove it. All the players from California or with strong family ties there are chomping at the bit. Manaia Brown is one player, in particular, who is very much up for this game after hearing off-season comments from USC freshman offensive lineman Fred Matua that he could handle Brown.

Reynaldo Brathwaite probably exemplifies the overall attitude of the team in general. During the media luncheon on Tuesday, Brathwaite didn't dwell on how good USC was, but pointed out what he felt BYU would be able to do against them offensively. The same attitude persists on defense. BYU is not awed by USC by any means. They know they're very good, but they all feel they can play with them.

Does Bronco use the same hand signal calling plays as he did with New Mexico?

I'm sure he doesn't use the same hand signals – for obvious reasons – when he calls the formations from the sidelines.

>Should we expect to see a lot of Manaia Brown this week?

Manaia Brown didn't practice all week to rest his sore shoulder. He will be ready to go. I suspect you'll see him at least as much as you did against Georgia Tech.

Do you anticipate a lot of screens and quick throws to the backs to slow down the pass rush?

Definitely. Crowton will use a wide variety of plays and formations as always in order to keep them on their heels. Auburn didn't do this, preferring to run it straight at the Trojans. BYU will not do that as they need to employ a diverse offense in order to compete. Auburn proved last week that USC's defense can't be beat running straight at them.

How many reps did Nate Soelberg get with the ones this week?

Soelberg got a few, but Chad Barney saw the majority of the reps at the starting gunner position vacated by the injured Brandon Heaney.

Who was CJ Ah You taking reps with?

Ah You primarily takes reps with the third team, but has seen time with both the twos and the ones.

Do you think Bronco held back against Georgia Tech?

Mendenhall's scheme against Georgia Tech was very conservative. Mendenhall has stated his game plan will get more complex and diverse as the season goes on – when he understands the collective strengths and weaknesses of his players.

Is Berry throwing deep better this week without the stitches?

He looked sharp.

Will Crowton become too one-dimensional and predictable in his offensive play-calling like Auburn did?

Absolutely not. You can say what you want about Crowton, but he's never been a predictable play-caller. His scheme will be far more diverse than what USC saw against Auburn.

Why does Levi Madarieta get so much playing time?

After last season's sub-par performance, Madarieta came out of spring practice with Coach Mendenhall mentioning him on par with players such as Bockwoldt and Tanner. He gets PT because Bronco feels he warrants it. It's that simple. Madarieta had a good outing against Georgia Tech and that should continue.

How is Daniel Coats' health?

Coats looks fine. He's been participating fully in practice.

Do you think Stancil will get playing time against USC?

I don't look for Stancil to see much playing time. He's still a bit gimpy since the JV game, but you never know. Media don't get to see practices on Thursday and Friday and Stancil may have participated fully during those days.

What are Jake Kuresa's LDS mission plans?

Honestly, we don't know. Maybe he doesn't either, at this point. It is a very personal decision, but we have not heard anything one way or another.

Whatever happened to William Tukuafu, the LB/DE recruit that signed with his Vakapuna out of high school?

Tukuafu is currently on a mission. He should be back in 2005. He was a non-qualifier and couldn't enroll at BYU out of high school.

Was Coat's success against Georgia Tech last week due to a mismatch against Georgia Tech's linebackers or was Georgia Tech just not prepared for him?

Georgia Tech had extremely fast linebackers. You won't find many linebackers faster than theirs. Coats snuck up on them, they didn't prepare for Coats and he showed you can't cover him with a linebacker. Teams will now have to prepare for and account for Coats and that should help open the offense as Coats ability will limit what opposing defensive coordinators can do with their safeties.

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