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BYU senior WR Jonah Trinnaman believes that the BYU wide receiving corps will make some noise in 2017

There is an air of mystery surrounding the BYU wide receiver group this spring. New faces will take charge as the pass-catchers for Tanner Mangum this season. Despite the youth and untested group, senior receiver Jonah Trinnaman believes BYU’s receivers are going to surprise people this season.

There is only one senior with playing experience on the roster at wide receiver for the BYU Cougars this season. Jonah Trinnaman heads a group of mostly sophomore and freshmen wide receivers.

“We’ve got a lot of young guys and I’m the only senior in the receiver corps, but we’ve got a lot of young talent here,” Trinnaman said. “Everyone is fully capable or else they wouldn’t be here. We have a lot of talent but they’re young and coming up.”

Trinnaman has personally seen the enthusiasm and focus this group of young receivers possesses, which has translated into early spring success.

“I think everybody is really focused and want to make an impact this season, so everyone is working really hard to be better over all,” Trinnaman said. “One thing about this group of receivers is everyone sees what’s going on and is really excited about the potential of this group. Coach Cahoon is the man and Tanner Mangum is the best quarterback in the nation, so we realize the opportunity to play and make plays is there and that’s been the case for many of these young players.”

When Trinnaman says he believes Tanner Mangum is the best quarterback in the country he isn’t kidding. He doubled-down on the statement.

“Tanner is the best quarterback in the nation and has that arm,” said Trinnaman. “In all seriousness I believe that. Last year we didn’t have that chemistry but this year is a lot different. I came in during fall ball so that chemistry wasn’t there. The long ball is now there and we’re able to spread the ball around deep because of the chemistry that has been developed. Spring camp has been important for me to develop that and we’re airing it out more.

“This spring is about perfecting our craft. I pretty much know everything in comparison to my first season here. I learned a lot from Nick Kurtz and the Juergens brothers who kind of took me under their wings and showed me things. This year I know the offense so now it’s about working on getting in and out of my breaks faster and catching balls. This is the time to perfect my techniques and routes.”

Trinnaman returns as one of the likely starters and says Talon Shumway is playing the opposite side of him at the other receiver position.

“Honestly I think everybody in the corps can play, but Talon Shumway is the one that starts on the other side of me to start,” Trinnaman explained. “But honestly everyone one in the corps can play. Right now because it is spring camp we’re trying to get the new guys to learn the offense and being comfortable within the system, but honestly everyone out here can play.”

Akile Davis has also taken the field joining Shumway and Trinnaman as the third receiver throughout spring camp.

“I think Akile is a great player,” Trinnaman said. “He was learning the defense all of last year, but this year he’s really coming on strong and is beginning to do some great things. He’s a hard worker and he’s always trying to learn. He can play and has been getting reps.”

Aleva Hifo recently had shoulder surgery after receiving a lot of playing time from the slot receiver position as a true freshman last season. Hifo would be slated as the first to go at the slot this spring but he’s sitting it out. In his place Micah Simon has filled in and, because of his success, Trinnaman believes the slot position will be a battle once Hifo returns for fall camp.

“Micah Simon has been getting reps at the slot receiver because Aleva [Hifo] has been out for spring,” Trinnaman said. “He’s been doing some really good things and when fall camp comes around there’s going to be a good battle there at the slot position. Micah is quick and has good hands. He’s an all-around great player.”

Micah Simon rounds out the first group of receivers to take the field and then the rotation begins.

“It’s me on one side and Talon on the other,” Trinnaman said. “Then it’s Micah Simon at the slot and Akile Davis are the four receivers to start. Then the rotation starts but it’s spring so we’re still working things out and trying to build upon what we did last season. We’re trying to work on perfecting our craft and get better as a unit and it’s coming along really well.”

One player that’s raised some eyebrows early during spring ball is Beau Tanner. Tanner is a junior college transfer who turned down Texas A&M to come to BYU.

“Beau Tanner is trying to feel his way around and he’s someone who has a lot of speed,” Trinnaman said. “I think once he gets comfortable, I mean it’s [early on in] spring, but he’ll be a player that will be really good because of his speed down field. He’s still getting comfortable within the system but once he does he’ll be another one that will bring something to the offense.”

So what can BYU fans expect from this group of mystery receivers? Well, Trinnaman isn’t holding back and stated boldly this group of pass catchers are going to make some noise this season.

“Big things,” Trinnaman said. “Like I said everybody in the corps are great players, but I think those guys especially know how to play ball. They run good routes and have good hands and do everything well. They play with confidence and are really good players.

“I think the wide receiver corps are going to make a lot of big plays this years. I really think that is going to be the case this year. I think we’re starting to realize how good we are and can be. We’re starting to hold each other accountable and expect more things from each other, so you’re going to see a lot of big plays from the receivers this year. I’m excited to be honest with you.”

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