Utah Recruiting: Familiar names at West vs. Kearns

I spent Friday night watching West High School go toe-to-toe against rival Kearns High School, paying particular attention to athletes BYU is recruiting.

The most prominent among them was West's C.J> Lee, a 5-10, 185 pound WR/CB recruit who reportedly runs 4.4 in the forty. He has received offers from BYU, Utah and Kentucky, among other schools, according to his grandmother, Darina.

If his grandmother and guardian has her way, Lee would not be BYU-bound anytime soon. During a halftime conversation, she expressed hope her grandson would sign with the University of Utah. She noted how much she liked Kentucky, Washington, Utah and the other schools recruiting him, but not BYU. Asked about his interest in BYU, she offered a sour look and said that she would prefer if her grandson didn't play for BYU. She said she didn't really like the Cougars.

TotalBlueSports.com will speak with Lee in coming weeks to gain some firsthand impressions of his recruiting options. Lee lives with his grandmother.

Lee did not play defensive back until the second half. He had few balls thrown to him during the first half, but showed outstanding speed in the open field. What impressed me most during the first half was his blocking skills. Lee did not hesitate to knock heads with opposing defenders.

During the first half, West was being torched time and again by Zack Triplett, an outstanding wide receiver. Triplett is a 6-0, 190 pound senior who caught everything and was largely responsible for Kearns' movement of the ball during the first half.

In the second half, the West head coach assigned Lee to Triplett. While Lee got in his face and did a decent job, Triplett was still able to get open, make catches and generate some yards. Triplett looked very impressive, particularly when you factor he was going against Lee, considered the top defensive back recruit in Utah – and beating him.

Kearns had other familiar names on their roster. Prominent among these names was Jason Mapu, cousin of Tennessee lineman J.T. Mapu, who was recruited heavily by BYU. Mapu is 6-3, weighs 245 pounds, played as a linebacker and showed good mobility. BYU is recruiting Mapu.

Other familiar names on the Kearns team included Matina Aiono, a 6-1, 220 pound LB/FB; Tevita Moala, a 6-1, 260 pound OL/DL who is a junior; and Dana Fua'ali'i, a 6-5, 300 pound OL/DL, also a junior.

The most impressive Kearns player was a running back not listed on the program. His name was Foa Fua'ali'i. He looked about 6-1, 205 pounds and was extremely impressive. He returned kicks for the Kearns team and showed great lateral movement and straight ahead speed.

Many BYU fans may recall BYU signing Paulo Fua'ali'i, a linebacker recruit from Kearns a few years ago, that failed to qualify academically. His younger brothers look to be prime-time Division I recruits as well.

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