Four-star quarterback Zadock Dinkelmann has BYU in his sights.

A one-time commit to LSU, four-star quarterback Zadock Dinkelmann has decided to open the recruiting doors following the departure of former head coach Les Miles and the former LSU coaching staff. Home of the forward pass, BYU has emerged as a possible front-runner for Dinkelmann with his Heisman Trophy winning uncle Ty Detmer now the OC.

Over the spring game weekend, BYU hosted some top caliber quarterbacks. One was Centennial pro-style quarterback Tanner McKee and the other was Somerset High School pro-style quarterback Zadock Dinkelmann, who was very impressed with what he saw.

“It was a lot of fun and my first time ever being in Utah and in Provo,” said Dinkelmann. “It’s very pretty there and I like the campus. I loved watching all the players, the team play, defense looks really good, and the quarterbacks looked really good. I liked the fact all the quarterbacks looked really good.” 

While taking in the sights and sounds of BYU’s campus, Dinkelmann was given a scholarship offer by someone very close to him. 

“BYU offered me when I was on campus,” said Dinkelmann. “Yeah, my uncle Ty [Detmer] offered me and that was a great experience. It was fun being around Uncle Ty. It’s always great being around family, and then being able to go check out all the facilities and talk about what’s going on with him. It was really cool.”

Being that Ty Detmer is Dinkelmann’s uncle, the normal standards of recruiting set by the NCAA don’t necessary apply given their established family relationship. However, Dinkelmann does enjoy being recruited by his uncle because of the relationship they have. 

“It’s funny because there’s a lot of joking around and a lot different than how normal recruiting goes,” said Dinkelmann with a chuckle in his voice. “I like being recruited by my uncle. We have a really good relationship and it’s a lot of fun. It’s a lot different because with him being my uncle he gets to talk to me more and see me more than a normal coach would. He’ll watch my film and give me tips, so I would say our relationship is a lot better.”

There are some advantages to having an uncle who not only won the most prestigious award given to college athletes but also spent 14 years playing and coaching in the NFL. Uncle Ty has become a great resource for Dinklemann's personal quarterback progression over the years. 

“He’s very knowledgeable about the game and about coaching up quarterbacks,” Dinkelmann said. “He’s been around the game at every level and helped coach quarterbacks in the NFL, so he’s very knowledgeable about every aspect of the position. I’ll ask him questions about my footwork and my release and things like that. 

“He played [for] around five or six NFL teams. He’s heard everything and seen everything from different NFL coaches around the league, so he’s been around and knows the game from a lot of different perspectives. That’s what makes him a great coach because he’s already helped develop quarterbacks at the highest level. I don’t know if there is anyone at the college level with his credentials. I mean, he was with Brett Favre and a lot of other NFL quarterbacks so he knows his stuff.” 

With aspirations of one day playing in the NFL like his Uncle Ty, Dinkelmann believes the vast experiences his uncle gained over the years playing in the NFL can help him reach his own NFL goals.

“I think he can do it for sure because he’s been in the pros and knows what it takes to get there,” said Dinkelmann. “I think there is a good possibility of him putting Tanner Mangum in the pros. That’s what college football is about. It’s about developing players and helping them reach their potential and helping them get to the pros, so he’s been through that already and knows what it takes to get there. If anyone can do it, he can and going to the NFL is where I want to go.” 

This gives BYU a great chance of landing the 6-5, 225-pound, four-star quarterback from the state of Texas who threw for over 1,900 yards and scored 25 touchdowns last season.

“Yes sir definitely,” said Dinkelmann. “The most important part about where you go play football are the coaches that are there, and I have a great relationship with Uncle Ty. I love the coaches there at BYU. I really like the o-line coach, Coach Empey, and the running back’s coach, Coach Reno Mahe. Coach Reno is funny guy.” 

Surprisingly enough, Dinkelmann received his first college offer from LSU when he was in the eighth grade. When he first received his offer from former LSU head coach Les Miles, Dinkelmann couldn’t believe it. 

“It was unbelievable and I thought it was a joke at first,” said Dinkelmann. “I really didn’t know what to think when it happened, but it fueled me to work harder and get more.” 

By his freshman year of high school, Dinkelmann received an offer from the University of Texas followed by other college opportunities.

“In my freshman year I was offered by Texas, UTSA, the University of Louisiana-Monroe and now BYU,” said Dinkelmann.

Dinkelmann made an early decision to commit to Coach Miles when Miles was the head coach of LSU. However, that decision was rescinded later due to the staff changes in Baton Rouge. 

“No shots taken to the new offensive staff, but I had committed to Coach Cameron and Coach Miles,” said Dinkelmann. “When the new staff came in I wasn’t sure where I was with them, so I just decided not to close any doors.”

BYU has squarely come into Dinkelmann’s focus not only because of his relationship with his uncle or the caliber of the football education he would receive from Ty Detmer, but because BYU’s offense fits perfectly with his style of play. 

“BYU’s offense is perfect for me because it’s a similar offense that my grandpa [Sunny Detmer] runs at my high school, and he runs what Ty runs,” said Dinkelmann. “So, it fits perfectly with what I like to do as a quarterback.” 

If he does decide to choose BYU what does he think about being coached by his Uncle Ty Detmer? 

“It’s scary,” said Dinkelmann with a chuckle in his voice. “He’s not going to sugarcoat anything, so I’m going to hear it all. It would be great but at the same time it would be intimidating as well. I talked to my cousin Koy when I was up there and he said Uncle Ty is very honest with you. He said he’s very straight up and tells it like it is, but my grandpa isn’t as scary because he sugarcoats things a little more so that’s kind of nice.” 

Dinkelmann spoke to his cousin, and current BYU quarterback, Koy Detmer Jr. about his time at BYU. The feedback he got from his cousin about being at BYU was nothing but positive.

“I asked Koy what it was like up there and about what the classes are like and things like that,” said Dinkelmann. “I asked him about his schedule and about things he does up there. He said he really likes it at BYU and that it’s fun. He said he likes it up there a lot and things are going good. I think he’s gotten used to Uncle Ty too.” 

By the end of the summer Dinkelmann mentioned he’ll be making a final college choice commitment. It’s about this time when he’ll be making a return visit to BYU to attend a summer camp. 

“I think I’m going to go back down there in the summer but I’m not sure exactly when,” said Dinkelmann. “I want to go to their camp and be out there for that and see Uncle Ty again. I think it’ll be fun.”

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