Khymani Martin

Florida wide receiver places BYU at the top of his list.

Last Monday, BYU offered a speedy Florida wide receiver from the 2019 class who was on campus for BYU's spring game. After making an unofficial visit to Provo, Coach Cahoon extended an offer to this Archbishop McCarthy High School athlete who places BYU at the top of his list.

From Southwest Ranches, Florida, Khymani Martin flew out to Provo, Utah for an unofficial visit to BYU. The sophomore track and field athlete (11.27, 100-meters) and wide receiver came out during BYU's annual spring game weekend. 

"I went out to Utah last month for kind of a meet and greet with all the coaches," said Martin. "I was able to meet some of the players and watch the spring game and that was a lot of fun. Then I had a training session with Ross Apo, who was a former BYU player." 

Following a workout session with former Cougar receiver Ross Apo, Martin went into the office of Coach Detmer where he learned more about BYU. 

"After that I sat down with Ty Detmer and he went over what they do there at BYU, not like the whole recruiting thing but everything besides that," Martin said. "Things like how school matters there and how they build you up to be a better man as well as a football player." 

Having the chance to speak with a former Heisman Trophy winner and 14 year NFL veteran was a real honor for Martin. 

"It was a true honor to talk with Coach Detmer because it's not every day that you get to sit down and talk to a Heisman Trophy winner as well as a former NFL player," Martin said. "I just tried to take in everything he said. It felt good talking to him because he was very understanding. He talked about everything outside of football as well as academics and how they build you up to be a better man." 

While on BYU's campus Martin was able to attend the annual spring game held at LES. He was very impressed with the day's activities. 

"The spring game wasn't like any other spring game that I've watched," Martin said. "I've been to other spring games like Texas Tech, but BYU's spring game was a lot better overall. Texas Tech invited me out last week to watch their spring game, but it wasn't like BYU's spring game." 

After Martin returned home from his unofficial visit to BYU, it wasn't long after he received a message from Coach Cahoon to call him. So, Martin did just that wondering what BYU's wide receiver coach wanted.

"Coach Cahoon offered me about mid-morning," Martin said. "He shot me a tweet asking me to call him, so I called him up and we just had a normal conversation about how the day was going. Then towards the end of the conversation he told me that he wanted to offer me a scholarship to BYU and they would like me to be a Cougar." 

Not one to get overly emotional, Martin's heart swelled within his chest upon hearing from Coach Cahoon that he had received an offer from BYU.

"When I heard those words I became emotional," Martin said. "I don't really become emotional about things but the offer really humbled me. I just thanked him and it was a great experience for me. BYU is my number one school right now."

The question of why BYU is currently Martin's number one school goes beyond the fact that BYU was the first to offer him a full-ride scholarship. For Martin it's much more than that.

"When I went out to BYU it was a lot more than I expected," Martin said. "It was a really spacious campus and just big overall. We toured that athletics department and that was... I don't really know how to explain it. It was just awesome. Like they have all the hall of fame players there and that was a great experience.

"When I went there and stepped foot on campus the environment and the people there are different. It's just a different feeling there and I really liked that. It's really different there in a good way. Then they took us around to different parts of the campus and showed us the business building, the advertisement building, and also everything that happens to do with living life on campus as a BYU Cougar."

Martin has also heard and learned a few things about BYU from personal trainer and Sky's The Limit wide receiver coach Margin Hooks.

"Coach Hooks is doing very well," Martin said. "He's training a lot of receivers and all of them are advancing to big time camps. He's doing a great job of training players from the high school to college levels. He's a really good coach.

"He said a lot of positive things about BYU. He said BYU was a good fit for him and that's why he went to go play football there. He said it was a great place to play football and get an education. He had a lot of positive things to say about his time at BYU."

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