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Beason receives a BYU scholarship from former Heisman Trophy winner Ty Detmer

Beason holds many scholarship offers ranging from just about every major D1 conference in the nation. Recently he expressed his interest in BYU to his trainer, who is a former BYU Cougar, as well to an alumnus of his high school who is currently catching passes in Coach Detmer’s Cougar offense. This interest set off a chain of events that eventually led to BYU scholarship.

It all started with former BYU wide receiver, and former teammate of current BYU receiver’s coach Ben Cahoon, Margin Hooks who has been training Beason.

“First I’ve been training with this coach Margin Hooks and he went to BYU,” said Beason. “He asked me if I was interested in BYU and I told him that I was. I guess he relayed the message back to the coaches.” 

However, Beason’s connections to BYU doesn’t end with the former Cougar receiver, now a Sky’s The Limit trainer, Margin Hooks. Beason also knows current BYU slot receiver Micah Simon who once caught passes for Bishop Dunne High School where Beason plays. 

“I have a former teammate and classmate Micah Simon who is going to BYU,” said Beason. “He’s was telling me that the coaches had been asking him about me, and they were asking him if he thought I would be interested in BYU. I told Micah yes I was.” 

Knowing there was interest from BYU, Beason would eventually reach out to the staff. 

“I gave them a call and we clicked,” said Beason. “I spoke to a coach and he said that I need to talk to the head coach and offensive coordinator, and then he would get back to me. And that’s how it all started.” 

Marquez Beason was soon offered after reaching out to BYU, and much of the credit for Beason’s discovery can be laid at the feet of Margin Hooks. 

“He said BYU is a great place to go to become a man and a family man,” Beason said. “Coach Hooks had a lot of nice things to say about BYU because he played there.”

At Bishop Dunne High School, Beason is the Falcons’ go-to-guy both on offense and defense. The sophomore four-star athlete does it all. 

“I’m play cornerback and wide receiver, so I’m kind of the athlete on the team and play both offense and defense,” said Beason. “On the team they use me as much as they can in any situation. Whenever the team needs a big play they go to me. I feel like I’m the A-factor when the team needs a big play or a big stop. I try to be a great player, a great teammate, and a great playmaker.”

On defense he primarily plays cornerback and on offense he primarily plays wide receiver, but depending on the situation he’ll play a position that’s needed at that moment. Mostly that’s because Beason is fast as well as athletic. 

“I’m 5-11 close to six foot and weigh around 170-pounds right now,” said Beason. “I run a 4.43 and that was hand timed, but I’m faster now. I also run track and run the 100 and run a 10.8 in the 100.” 

When asked if his eyes water when he runs that fast Beason jokingly said, “No, it’s just normal because I’m the Flash! Nah, I don’t talk trash though. I just try and stay humble.” 

However, Beason’s sophomore season performance wasn’t very humble like as he lit up the stats sheet with gaudily numbers. 

“I had 40 catches for 581 yards for eight touchdowns,” said Beason. “I had 42 rushes for 350 yards and four touchdowns.” 

A member of the 2019 class, Beason now holds 13 scholarship offers from colleges representing various conferences across the country.

“I’m feeling good and I’m feeling great about my offer from BYU,” Beason said. “This isn’t my first offer though. I’ve got 12 offers… well 13 now with BYU. I have Arkansas, BYU, Colorado, Colorado State, SMU, UTSA, LSU, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, and Ole Miss. It’s a big blessing for me, but I have to keep working to prove I deserve this.” 

Having offers from both BYU and LSU, Beason has a strong desire to check out BYU when they square off against SEC powerhouse LSU at NRG Stadium, the home of the NFL’s Houston Texans to start the 2017 season. 

“I want to check out the BYU vs. LSU game when they play this season,” Beason said. “I also want to check out my dude Micah, so, yeah, I want to go watch BYU play LSU when they come out here to start the season.” 

Beason has always looked up to BYU wide receiver Micah Simon going back to the days when Simon tore up high school defenses at Bishop Dunne. Since then, Beason looked up to Simon as a player, but over the years Simon took on the role as big brother. 

“When I was in the eighth grade he was a senior, and I’ve just been watching him play ever since I was in the seventh grade and he was a junior,” Beason said. “He’s really close to me and I look at him as a big brother that I can go to for advice. Ever since I got my phone we’ve been talking on a regular basis now. He said that BYU is a great place and that it’s really family oriented. He said he’s loving it down there, and he said it’s a good place for football and academics. I heard he tore it up over spring camp.” 

Interestingly enough the two things Micah Simon and Marquez Beason talked about concerning BYU are the two things Beason is most looking for at the college level. 

“First thing I’m looking for is the education,” Beason said. “That’s a big key for me. The second thing I’m looking for is the family aspect of the program. If I go to a school and I going to be treated like a member of the family, or just be another person who plays football for them.” 

Micah Simon also spoke to Beason about BYU’s wide receiver coach Ben Cahoon.

“He said Coach Cahoon is the best receiver’s coach he’s ever had,” said Beason. “He’s said he’s a really good coach and down to earth and that he really cares for you. He said a lot of great things about Coach Cahoon.” 

When Beason was offered by BYU he went and did some research on Coach Cahoon. Cahoon is ranked sixth all-time among professional sports (NFL and CFL) for total receiving yards, racking up 13,301 total passes caught in his career. This fact has not been lost to Beason.

“First of all Coach Cahoon was a great player when he played football,” Beason said. “He broke some records in the Canadian League and he was just a great player and that translates into his coaching. Also, BYU runs a pro-style offense so if I go to the NFL I’ll be very prepared. The academic part about BYU is very good.” 

However, there was something he recently did discover about BYU’s coaching staff. When it comes to BYU’s offensive coordinator Ty Detmer, Beason was shocked to learn the man who was partly responsible for offering him a BYU scholarship was in fact a Heisman Trophy winner.

“It’s a blessing and I’m shocked and didn’t know that Ty Detmer was a Heisman Trophy winner,” Beason said. “That just puts more good things towards BYU, because you have a Heisman Trophy winner who knows the ins and outs of college and the NFL. That’s a big blessing.”

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