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BYU was the first to offer Emoryie Edwards, so what does the recruiting landscape look like now?

BYU was the first to offer Tulare Union High School athlete Emoryie Edwards last April of 2016. The 6-0, 190-pound three-star prospect would eventually secure offers from Washington State, Oregon State among others. Edwards gives BYU fans an update on the recruiting situation with him and the program that first recognized his abilities as a D1 college prospect.

Edwards told Total Blue Sports in a previous interview, “I feel relieved because that was my first offer. I feel like a weight is now off my shoulders and I can relax knowing I have my first offer. I’m very relieved. I just need to keep working hard and I’m sure more will come.” 

Then sure enough the scholarship domino effect occurred and EWU pulled the trigger followed by Duke, Fresno State, Washington State among others. 

“I have seven offers,” Edwards said. “I have BYU, Eastern Washington, Washington State, Duke, Oregon State, Fresno State, and Wyoming.” 

Edwards best friend, and former high school teammate, Romello Harris chose and signed with Washington State last LOI day where he’ll play running back, so there would seemingly be a strong pull for Edwards to choose the Cougars of Washington State and join his best friend Harris. As far as his status with the Cougars of BYU goes, Edwards admits he hasn't spoken much with the staff and said the communication level between the two parties has steadily dropped. 

“Everything’s still going good, but I haven’t been in much contact with any coach,” Edwards said. “My relationship with Coach Clark was good when we did talk. It was mostly about how I could be a good fit for the program and help the Cougars win some games.” 

Coach Sitake made it clear stating during BYU’s LOI press conference that if prospects wait too long they might lose the choice to attend BYU. The reasons are other prospects could snatch up the scholarship or could possibly show greater interest causing the staff to direct their efforts in a more favorable outcome. Though it isn’t known for certain, this could be the case here with Edwards. Still Edwards declares he is still interested in BYU regardless.

“BYU is definitely still in the mix,” Edwards said. “I’m not leaning towards any school right now. I don’t have a top three or anything. I want to make sure I keep my options open and stay true to myself, because wherever I go that’s where I’ll be for four years. I like how they are recruiting hard and trying to get a lot of athletes to get the program back jumping!” 

He hopes to possibly visit BYU but admits family finances might prohibit that from becoming a reality unless it’s for an official visit. 

“I heard BYU was beautiful and I’d love to get up there and see the campus,” said Edwards. “I heard it was one of a kind. I’ve never been to Utah either, so I’m looking forward to seeing the different scenery there as well. I just never know what I’ll be able to do because my mom and I don’t really have money just to book trips and get up and go to places, but I sure would like to get there.”

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