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Four-star QB Tanner McKee talks about why BYU will always be at the top of his list.

Former Heisman Trophy winner and 14 year NFL veteran turned BYU offensive coordinator, Ty Detmer is looking to return BYU to the days when BYU was known as Quarterback University. Centennial High School quarterback Tanner McKee figures right into Coach Detmer’s plans.

When it comes to recruiting one of the nation’s top quarterbacks BYU has a lot of competition nationwide. However, BYU, the original home of the forward pass, has coaches that have established an outstanding relationship with McKee.

“Everything is going great,” McKee said concerning BYU’s coaches. “I don't really feel my relationship with the coaches has changed. I feel like I've always had a good relationship with them.”

His relationship with BYU’s offensive coordinator and quarterback’s coach Ty Detmer is among the strongest. 

“My relationship with coach Detmer is great,” McKee said. “He just checks in to see how I'm doing and asks about how spring ball is going. When I'm up there we watch film.”

At the college level, McKee is looking to get a distinguished quarterback education, and the accomplishments and credentials of Ty Detmer being a Heisman winner and 14 year NFL player’s coach who helped develop many notable NFL quarterbacks is big time for McKee.

“It plays a huge role,” said McKee. “As a quarterback, you want to go to a school who has coaches that will develop you and make you better; guys who have had experience and get results. Of the schools I just visited, Alabama, Georgia, and UCLA have all recently hired ex-NFL guys as OC's. They see the value.”

Along with BYU’s quarterback coach, McKee has also established a great relationship with the current starting BYU quarterback with the same first name. In an effort to learn more about BYU’s offensive coordinator, Tanner McKee and Tanner Mangum have had personal conversations about Coach Detmer. During one such incident where Mangum was bragging to McKee about his coach, Ty Detmer got up and left the room.

“It was funny because Ty said he would leave the room while Tanner talked about him,” McKee said with a chuckle. “Then he started talking about Ty so he left. I'm not going to repeat what was said but it was all good.”

Coach Detmer isn’t the type to talk about himself or brag about his accomplishments. Despite a trophy room full of accomplishments, he’s as humble as they get.

“Yes, he is,” McKee said. “I like that about him. Good dude.”

McKee mentioned that he looks forward to seeing how Mangum has progressed this season now that he’s had a full year under Coach Detmer’s tutelage. This will be important to McKee as he sifts through all the major program options currently available to him.

“I have twenty-one scholarship offers,” McKee said. “I’m not going to name them all, but I have offers from Alabama, Georgia, UNC, Nebraska, Louisville, Missouri, UCLA, ASU, Colorado, BYU, Utah, and Virginia Tech.”

McKee visited BYU during BYU’s annual spring game and watched the offense and the coaches perform. He’ll be making a return visit to BYU in a few months and during the season to further his evaluation of BYU.

“I will be up there in June and then will go to a game during the season,” McKee said. “I want to see how they compete and watch how Coach Detmer develops Tanner Mangum. I’m looking forward to watching tanner develop this year.”

Although McKee has 27 current scholarships on the table the LDS gunslinger from Southern California will always hold BYU high on his list regardless of who offers. More than likely much of that has to do with the caliber of coaches on BYU’s staff.

“BYU will always be on my top list of schools,” said McKee. “I like the intensity and energy the new staff brings. I want to be at a school who competes and wants to win.”

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