Ifo Pili, Daniel Marquardt, Manaia Brown, Brady (Poppinga) and the others. We have some total studs on the defensive line.""> Ifo Pili, Daniel Marquardt, Manaia Brown, Brady (Poppinga) and the others. We have some total studs on the defensive line."">

The Quiet Quintessential Quinn

"Having gone against (both) our D-Line and USC's, I can honestly say that USC doesn't have anything on guys like <b>Ifo Pili, Daniel Marquardt, Manaia Brown, Brady (Poppinga)</b> and the others. We have some total studs on the defensive line."

The revealing comment came today from the quintessentially quiet Quinn Christensen, a two-year senior starter on the Cougar offensive line.

As if to validate BYU head coach Gary Crowton's comment yesterday that this team "is beginning to realize just how good they are," Christensen added, "We definitely know how good our defensive line is going against them every day in practice.

Amid all the hype and hoopla of BYU's sensational trio of freshmen offensive linemen Eddie Keele, Jake Kuresa and Ofa Mohetau, Quinn has been relatively lost in the shuffle despite the fact he has been one of the Cougars most consistent OL performers.

Christensen has quietly gone about his business without much fanfare. Along with center Scott Jackson, he is the only lineman who has started every game since last season.

The talent doesn't end at the defensive side of the line either, says Q. Christensen, "Guys like Eddie, Ofa and the others are really good and they're going to be great players. They're finding that out as they start playing and that's great to see."

Quinn Christensen found his voice today.

"I just try to be consistent and do my job… and help the younger guys when they need help, but I'm not their coach. There are other guys that can coach them, but I'll help where I can. I feel that Scott, Brandon and I help calm the younger guys down at times, so that helps."

His head coach, Gary Crowton, was much more flattering. "Quinn is just very consistent. He knows the offense very well and he's good with his assignments. He and Scott Jackson are seniors that the young guys look up to. Quinn is a very important player for us."

Christensen committed to Oregon coming out of junior college and inexplicably changed his mind right before national Letter of Intent day. "It was just a last moment thing. I can't really say why I changed my mind other than it felt right," he said.

Taking a friendly dig at Oregon's new bright yellow uniforms, he joked, "I'm really glad that I don't have to wear those. I mean our all white unis (uniforms) make us look fat enough. I'd hate to see what I'd look like in one of those bright yellow ones that Oregon wears."

One freshman player he has really bonded with and helped to learn plays and generally calm down in game-time situations is freshman offensive tackle Eddie Keele.

"I remember Eddie being really worried before the Georgia Tech game and expressing concern to me. I just told him that he just needed to calm down and that they were just players like he was and he could handle them and I think he did. That's the sort of thing we as seniors just need to do to help the younger guys."

Christensen said the "best thing I can do is just go about my business and help where I can. I'm not going to criticize these young guys or go out of my way to point out stuff they need to do. They have coaches to do that and I'm another player that needs to work as well. But if they ask me, then I'll certainly help where I can. That's my job."

Of the unity, obvious chemistry and early success of the offensive line this year, Christensen noted, "We just get along a lot better this year with one another. We're not as quick to criticize as we were last season. When we make a mistake or if someone misses an assignment, we don't get on each other. We just work through it together, recognizing that we're a unit and that is helping a lot."


* Crowton was encouraged by quarterback Matt Berry's performance yesterday in practice, saying they ran a two-minute drill against the first-team defense and Berry didn't miss a single pass and didn't delay the flow of the drill at all.

* New Mexico running back Dontrell Moore will be cleared to play, but Crowton suspects he will be playing sparingly behind Oklahoma State transfer D.D. Cox.

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