Khymani Martin

Florida wide receiver Khymani Martin decided to commit to BYU early.

The newest commit for the Cougars of BYU comes by way of the state of Florida. At 6-2, 180-pounds, Khymani Martin flew out to Provo, Utah for an unofficial visit to BYU. It wasn’t long before he was offered after which he soon committed to his church college. The 2019 prospect couldn't be more excited about his decision.

On April 3rd Florida receiver Khymani Martin received his first scholarship from BYU. Although only a sophomore with more potential offers to come, Martin is very excited about this specific offer from BYU. It didn’t take long for him to commit to Coach Cahoon.

“On a scale from one to ten I give it a ten,” said Marin. “That’s how excited I am. When I decided to commit I called up Coach Cahoon.” 

Martin dragged on the conversation with Coach Cahoon not letting him know that the primary reason he called was to commit. 

“I kind of teased him a little bit,” said Martin. “I pretended I called him up to talk about a track meeting or something I did in track. I kind of made it like a regular conversation, and after talking to him for a little bit he was like, ‘Alright man have a good day.’ I was like, ‘Hold on one second I have something more to tell you.’ I then told him, ‘After talking it over with my family we decided that I would commit to BYU and that it’s the best fit for me.’ He just got really ecstatic about it. He was like, ‘Are you serious! I’m excited to tell Coach Detmer.’” 

One reason why Martin decided BYU was a great fit for him is because he’s a member of the LDS faith and BYU is his church college.

“Yes, I’m LDS,” Martin said. “The attractive thing about BYU is just being there just felt right. It was like a personal feeling I had. Stepping foot on campus and talking to the athletes, the students that go to school there, and talking to the coaches just made BYU the perfect place for me.” 

Another reason Martin decided to commit because of BYU’s wide receiver coach Ben Cahoon. 

“Well BYU is the best fit but the big reason is the foundation and how BYU runs things,” said Martin. “Coach Cahoon always kept in touch with me, and I’ve never really had that from any other coach other than high school. It was just a really good feeling and something told me to commit.” 

Still excited about the day he decided to pull the trigger, Martin can't wait to attend BYU though only a sophomore.

“I’m really excited about my commitment to BYU,” said Martin. “I’m just trying to hold it together because I’m ready to get going. So far, BYU is the college that looks the best for me. I’m pretty sure there will be others that will fit me well, but right now BYU is the best place for me. I talked it over with my family and they supported my decision to commit. I’m really excited about it.”

At this period in time, Martin isn’t sure if he’ll serve a two-year LDS mission or not.

“I haven’t really put any thought into that yet,” Martin said. “I know if you do they’ll hold your spot for you.”

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